Hyros Alternative for Marketing Analytics

How does SegMetrics
compare to Hyros?

Why are so many sharp marketers tracking their leads and sales with SegMetrics as opposed to Hyros?

For starters, Hyros is an invite-only platform. Any marketer or business owner that wants to try the platform will need to apply. SegMetrics on the other hand is open to anyone and has a totally transparent pricing model. 

Both Hyros and SegMetrics track lead ROI from their source, for months or even years on end. This gives you a true Customer Lifetime Value metric, allowing you to know exactly how much you can spend to acquire a new customer. 

However, SegMetrics is more robust in that it doesn’t just track your ad campaigns, leads, and sales. It can track every action a brand-new lead takes, i.e. the entire customer journey. This includes tracking your email campaigns, letting you see exactly which emails perform best. 

Not only that, with SegMetrics you can quickly compare different segments, marketing funnels, products, and more. This lets you quickly identify the health of your business and see what areas need attention. Hyros is more focused on just the lead-attribution side of things, which is good but still doesn’t give you the business owner or marketer, the complete picture.

Plus, SegMetrics gives you the confidence and clarity you need to make better decisions across your entire business – not just on your ad campaigns and top-level metrics. 

And if you run a subscription-based business model, SegMetrics can also help you identify your churn rate, subscriber lifetime value, monthly recurring revenue per segment, and more. 

That’s why if you want a complete marketing funnel ROI tool that also allows you to quickly check the health of your business across all the most important areas, then SegMetrics is the way to go over Hyros.