Robust conversion tracking for Google Ads

Finally get accurate attribution data for every sale, with:

  • Advanced visitor fingerprinting
  • Transparent data
  • Deep AI optimization
  • Server-side tracking

Optimize your whole funnel, from initial click to repeat purchase.

Just a few of the companies improving their marketing with SegMetrics

Visitor fingerprinting

Identify visitors by their unique fingerprint

Our fingerprinting technology analyzes data passed by the visitor’s browser, device, patterns of use and more to generate a multi-point unique fingerprint.


We use this to improve identification of visitors across domains, devices, iOS updates and more. That way you get consistent data about each lead.


Train the AIs to bring in quality traffic

The AIs can’t optimize the traffic when they can’t see the sales. SegMetrics’ Conversion Feeder tells Google about purchases that they CAN’T see via the Conversion API. 


With a few clicks you can better teach them to send traffic that matches your buyers, even if the sale happens weeks later.

We added SegMetrics to see if it could find answers to questions a client’s had for over a year and that couldn’t be put off any longer. It could, and did so within about 30 seconds.

— Michelle Warner — Strategy Consultant

transparent data

See each attributed purchase

SegMetrics doesn’t require you to blindly trust sets of mystery numbers. Our ad reports show you the list of relevant customers and purchases so you can see who really clicked your ads.


You can then click into a customer’s history to see their exact journey from first discovery to email interactions to purchase.


No blind spots from ad blockers or iOS

Between Apple’s ATT, browser protections and ad blockers, it’s astonishing that basic pixels can track anything. In fact, Google calls their data “estimates”.


The Self-Hosted Pixel add-on lets you avoid any hassle from ad blockers. That way you won’t deactivate a winning campaign due to incorrect data.

Santo Cozzolino

SegMetrics is the tracking and analytics software we didn’t know we needed. It has helped us make data-driven decisions and took the guesswork out of where our opportunities for growth are. Anyone that wants to track their ad spend and analyze their business data properly should be using SegMetrics. It’s truly one of a kind!

— Santo Cozzolino, Santo & Joe A Wellness Podcast

How SegMetrics Measures Up

empowering you

Free onboarding and training

You will receive two free setup calls to get your data flowing smoothly and to teach you to find valuable insights. You are then welcome to email support or request more calls anytime.

You can just see everything that you want to see without having to dig into the details or look up any numbers on a daily basis. You just automatically have them ping on your dashboard. It’s nice to have the big picture and then be able to get directly into a more detailed view when you need it.”

— Kathleen Pince — Project Manager, REWW

Free Onboarding

Grab a free 14-day trial + Kickstart Call

Start analysing your campaign results with a free 14 day SegMetrics trial.


Plus, get a free Kickstart Call, where our experts will uncover if Facebook and Google are lying about your RoAS.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are

Stop guessing if your ads are really getting results

Track leads through all your nurture sequences, even months later

See how different traffic sources interact with your emails

Measure success in terms of lifetime value, not a single conversion

Compare the performance of upsells and follow up purchases

See all your revenue, refunds and payment cancellations

Join touchpoint data from your ads, emails and payments

Flexible pricing as you scale

Get Started Risk-Free with a 14-day Free Trial


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Plus $10 per 10k contacts
Standard Reporting

Unlimited Users

Automatically track any ad click or link with a UTM value

UTM & Ad Web Tracking

8 Hour Data Sync

Standard Support

Standard Integrations


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Plus $10 per 10k contacts
Standard Reporting

Unlimited Users

Track every page visit on your site

Full Web Tracking

6 Hour Data Sync

Premium Support

Premium Integrations


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Custom Pricing

Custom Reporting

Advanced User Permissions

Automatically track any ad click or link with a UTM value

Full Web Tracking

Real-Time Data Sync

Dedicated Support

Custom Integrations