Get Your Free Attribution Audit

Are you struggling to make sense of your sales figures? We all know that Facebook is over-enthusiastic in its revenue reports, so it’s hard to work out a reliable RoAS.

That’s why want to offer you a free attribution audit if you sign up for a trial. SegMetrics is a transparent and unbiased analytics tool. It will collect independent metrics, which our experts will take you through to optimize your campaigns.

SegMetrics – tracking from first touch to repeat customer

SegMetrics is designed to help you optimize the full customer journey. With it you can:

  • Avoid the 7-day attribution windows and biased data
  • Uncover the lifetime revenue from each ad campaign
  • Get insights without messy exports, spreadsheets or pivot tables
  • Train the AIs to optimize for sales with our Conversion Feeder

To help you get to grips with the data ASAP, our customer success team will walk you through the data collected during your trial to spot attribution issues and highlight the quick wins.

I was ready to quit because Facebook’s tracking was not matching up to reality. And then I found you guys, and I was able to change everything and turn it all around.

Jason Gracia — CEO, Swyft Sites

Here’s what you get:

At the start of your trial you will have a free setup call, where one of our team will make sure all the details are correct to get your data flowing in smoothly.

Before the trial ends, you will then get a second call to go through the data. We will show you whether Facebook or Google really are bringing in the sales they claim and show you which changes will boost your revenue.

Discover real revenue figures

SegMetrics ties real purchases from your payment processor to the ad campaign or traffic source that brought in the customer.

You will discover where every dollar of revenue came from, without any possibility of double counting or conflicting numbers.

Diagnose any over-attribution

We all know that attribution figures from the platforms should be taken with a large heaping of salt.

In the audit call we will walk you through the numbers, so you can see just how much the sales figures have been inflated and whether you are truly getting a positive ROI.

See which lead sources generate sales

Does basic attribution struggle to track leads through your funnel?

It doesn’t matter if your leads switch device or taken over 7 days to buy. SegMetrics will show you which of your lead magnets are actually bringing in revenue, not just emails for your list.

Optimize you ad spend

It’s the key question of any PPC manager; which ads should I kill and which should I keep?

You will discover which ads are actually turning a profit and which are secretly losing you money. That way you can pause the losers and double down on the winners.

[BONUS] Look for funnel leaks

What’s happening in your funnel after someone becomes a lead or makes a first purchase?

In the audit we will also go over your nurture sequences and follow up campaigns, looking for any anomalies that can be signs of a technical error or marketing mismatch.

We didn’t realize how blind we were when it comes to lead generation and our costs in our advertising until we started using SegMetrics. It’s really, really opened up new capabilities for us where we know how much money we can invest and which of our lead sources are performing better

Kyle – I don’t know

How to claim your attribution audit

To get an attribution audit, you need to:

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day trial
  2. Let SegMetrics gather the data
  3. Book an audit session and talk to our team

So go ahead and sign up for an account!