Marketing Funnel Optimization

Optimize Every Step of Your Customer Funnel

Test how changes to any touchpoint affects the LTV. Because attribution isn’t only for ad clicks.

Analyze your full customer journey

Attribution for emails, webinars and more

Discover the revenue associated with any marketing activity – online or off.

Full source and channel comparisons

Compare how different cohorts are behaving at each funnel stage.

A/B test for LTV & retention

Test how changes affect sales lower down the funnel, not just open & click rates.

Track across your platforms

Analyze touchpoints in WebinarJam, Click Funnels, Lead Pages and more

Analyze your full customer journey

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Attribute revenue to any funnel step

 Ad clicks aren’t all that matters. With SegMetrics see how every funnel step affects your revenue, even over email sequences, webinars or sales calls.

“We added SegMetrics yesterday to see if it could find answers to questions a client’s had for over a year and that couldn’t be put off any longer. It could, and did so within about 30 seconds.”

 — Michelle Warner — Strategy Consultant


Don’t rely on bulk averages

 For any funnel step, instantly break down your KPIs based on any criteria to find your outliers. Compare how people from different channels, traffic sources or even with different tags behave.

How does it work?

SegMetrics retains all the source information about someone after they have entered your funnel.

This is then joined with the tags, custom fields and customer data you add to them within your email platform or CRM.

When combined, you can see the spending of people from each source, and even find sub-groups of people who perform certain actions within your funnel.

Better Together...

You’ll love how easy it is to get the data you want.

SegMetrics gives you powerful funnel optimization tools you can build your marketing  strategy around measurement, not intuition — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Explore our many features to help you uncover hidden profits. 

Customer Journey Tracking

SegMetrics breaks down which lead actions inspire sales, so you can fine-tune your funnel at each individual step.

Ad Attribution

Marketing reports shouldn’t be black box figures. See transparent data on the real revenue generated by your ads.

Advanced Segmentation

Know where your best leads are coming from, what funnels make them convert, and where to focus your marketing efforts.


Test whole new funnel ideas

Have you wondered if a new email sequence would improve your sales? With SegMetrics you can measure how any step affects LTV, so you can optimize for more than just click rates.


Track the journey across platforms

Data shouldn’t be trapped in silos. SegMetrics integrates with marketing tools such as webinar systems to capture every step of your customers’ journey.


Understand how LTV grows over time

Want to see the delay between ad click and ROI? The sales velocity report will show you how the customer spending of different groups grows over time.


See individual lifetime spend data

There’s no black box numbers in SegMetrics. For any metric you can click into the relevant customer data to see who they are and their full customer history.

Get Started in Less than 5 Minutes

Find your most profitable lead sources, scale what works and kill what doesn’t.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are