Visitor Tracking & Identification

Track the value of every lead

Get accurate insights on leads from any traffic source. Tracking every customer from first click to lead, through the nurture sequence and onto every purchase.

See what your leads are really worth

Unlimited attribution windowS
Attribute purchases made months or years after becoming leads.
Track every lead source

Track leads from any traffic source, such as ads, affiliates, SEO or referrals.

Advanced fingerprinting

We use a range of identifiers such as IP and geolocation to identify each lead.

Find your best lead magnets
Track which landing pages bring in the leads most likely to become customers.

See what your leads are really worth

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full lead journey tracking

Find the leads that turn into customers

It’s easy to monitor the leads from each source, but which ones are sending you valuable customers?

SegMetrics is your single source of truth for tracking lead value. Measure exactly where they came from, plus how much they spend.

“Not having the visibility in the business that we get in the day-to-day reports through SegMetrics would be pretty scary. If you don’t have daily visibility into your back-end data and you don’t have the right attribution, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. We doubled our business since last year.

Ian Chew — Founding Executive, Seminal

humanized data

Transparent data about every step

SegMetrics doesn’t give you yet more mystery numbers. You can click into any lead to see who they are, how they found you, their touchpoint interactions and what purchases they’ve made.

I was ready to give up on Facebook ads, it wasn’t adding up with the reality of how many leads I was getting. But, then you guys changed everything. Facebook claimed one of my ads got 10 calls booked and another got zero. SegMetrics revealed that the first only got two and the second actually got five. I don’t get how people don’t use you, I’m now getting almost a 1000% return on my ads.

Jason Gracia, Swyft Sites CEO

How does it work?

SegMetrics saves the ad_ID and spend data for each new contact in your CRM or email system. 

That means every purchase that customer makes can be linked back to their original traffic source, even if they clear cookies or change devices. And with a direct connection to your marketing tools, double attribution becomes a thing of the past.

Better Together...

You’ll love how easy it is to get the data you want​​

SegMetrics gives you advanced lead tracking capabilities so you can uncover deep insights into customer behavior  — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Explore our many features to help you uncover hidden profits. 

Team Dashboards

SegMetrics’ dashboard and team features keep your core KPIs at top of mind, and alert you if things start to slip.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Dig into the data with flexible reports, then build ideal overviews for you or your team with our custom dashboards.

AI Insights

SegMetrics’ AI Insights is a powerful business intelligence tool, ready to demystify your marketing data.

Multi-Purchase Attribution

Track repeat purchases back to the source

A customer’s journey doesn’t stop with a single purchase. SegMetrics uses LTV tracking to calculate your RoAS, whether it’s separate items or a repeat subscription.

Unlimited attribution windows capture the lifetime value of each lead, even if you send them through a lengthy nurture sequence.


Consistent lead reporting, even across devices

Our fingerprinting technology analyzes data passed by the visitor’s browser, device, patterns of use and more to generate a multi-point unique fingerprint.

We use this to reliably identify visitors across domains, devices, iOS updates and more. That way you get consistent data about each lead.

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