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Title card image. How far back can you track attribution?
Just Ask Ian: Unlock long-term first touch attribution with SegMetrics

Learn how SegMetrics can help you track first touch attribution even months or years after leads enter your funnel.

Banner announcing Insights -- a new analytics tool from SegMetrics and ConvertKit
Announcing Insights, a new collaboration between SegMetrics and ConvertKit

Today, in partnership with ConvertKit, SegMetrics is launching Insights – a new analytics tool that will clarify and amplify how creators grow their businesses.

Check This Out: "What's your ad spend ROI?" - with Ian from SegMetrics
Check This Out: Tracking ad spend ROI with SegMetrics

How long does it take you to earn back what you’re spending on paid ads? In this week’s Check This…

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In this week's Check This Out video, you'll see how SegMetrics helps you unveil the power of your traffic data…

Simplify Your Financial Reporting with Multi-Currency Conversion

If you’ve ever found yourself juggling currencies, trying to make sense of your ad spend, RoAS, and sales across boarders,…

Check This Out: Uncovering Common Marketing Problems with SegMetrics

In this week’s Check This Out video, we delve into how SegMetrics addresses and resolves common yet critical analytics issues that marketers face.

UTM Essentials: The 80/20 Guide

What are UTMs? UTM parameters — or UTM tags — are a free, simple, and easy way to track where…

Check This Out: Customer Journey Mapping with SegMetrics

In this week’s Check This Out video, we explore the world of customer journey mapping with SegMetrics. Dive into how…

Explore the SegMetrics Partner Directory

Hey Marketers, Welcome to 2024! If you’re looking for fresh marketing support to help your campaigns succeed and get you…

Announcing the SegMetrics Partner Directory

Hey Ad Agencies & Marketers, Welcome to 2024! As the new year unfolds, it’s the perfect time to boost your…

Check This Out: “How can I create a custom dashboard with new subscribers & ROI for my clients?”

In this week's Check This Out video, we explore how to create custom dashboards in SegMetrics that highlight your client's…

SegMetrics — Your Agency’s Secret Optimization Weapon

Are you ready to transform your advertising and marketing? At SegMetrics, we focus on understanding our impact on our clients’…

SegMetrics Custom Agency Branding

For digital agencies, marketing agencies, and ad agencies, maintaining a consistent and recognizable brand image is key. Customizing the look…

Check This Out: “How can I report across all my different marketing tools to get actual customer value?”

Are you struggling with data fragmentation? In the evolving world of digital marketing, piecing together the data from your marketing…

Introducing AI Insights: Your new tool for clear, actionable marketing insights

Our new AI Insights feature is designed to help you turn your, your client’s, or your agency’s marketing and advertising…