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Google Analytics 4 is great for seeing what’s happening on your website. But, what about tracking visitors beyond that? If your sales process includes steps such as nurture sequences, demo calls or subscription trials, you need an attribution tool that ties the whole journey together.

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Google Analytics 4: Great for websites, bad for  funnels

Google Analytics 4 is great for seeing what’s happening on your website. It can show you traffic sources, potential bugs, and visitor events.

We’re not going to tell you to stop doing that.

But, Google Analytics can’t help you understand complex sales funnels. It can’t see if someone who booked a demo became a customer, or whether those trial signups converted.

You’re left measuring success with short-term “conversions” such as PDF downloads. That’s about as misleading as judging the success of your ads based on the CTR.

If you really want to optimize your marketing funnels, you’ll need to also use a tool such as SegMetrics…

How SegMetrics helps you maximize LTV

Our robust 7D tracking goes beyond cookies to give you the most accurate data possible about each visitor’s journey. It uses a combination of self-hosted pixels, digital fingerprinting, and customer data to create a consistent history

That means you can connect a purchase to someone’s funnel interactions, even if they switch devices or use ad blockers.

SegMetrics uses this data to attribute the full lifetime value of your customers back to the source. You get full attribution, even if they went through a long sales funnel, demo call, webinar or other activity.

And to help you fully optimize your funnels, SegMetrics shows you how different segments respond to each funnel step.

How does SegMetrics Compare to Google Analytics 4?




Simplified Reporting

Our essentials reports collect together the essential data you need about each stage of the marketing funnel.


A World of Headaches

You don’t need us to tell you what GA4 is like…

Track CPC from multiple platforms

SegMetrics can measure spending, clicks and CPA for multiple platforms including Facebook and Google.


Only spend data from Google

Google Analytics can only report on data such as CPC for Google Ads.

No Chance of Double Counting

SegMetrics will never attribute a sale to both Google and another traffic source such as Facebook.


Conflicting Attributions

Google’s attribution data will often overlap with the sales claimed by other platforms.

Transparent Data

See exactly which customers came through which ads and view their full marketing history.


Black Box Numbers

Blindly trust that Google is accurately reporting on sales, with no way to directly check.

Track the full lifetime value

SegMetrics can measure how much a customer spends over weeks, months or years and attribute it all back to an ad click.


30 day window

Google’s limited attribution windows are damaging if you have a long nurture sequence or want to attract repeat customers.

Full Funnel Optimization

See how your traffic from each source is flowing through your funnel and optimize any stage to boost LTV, or optimize for campaigns with high lead to sale conversion rates.


TOF Only

Google can’t see past the initial conversion. Instead you have to rely on those leads “hopefully” performing as well as people from other traffic sources.

Track Refunds and Cancellations

Revenue doesn’t count unless it stays in the bank. SegMetrics integrates with your payment processor, meaning RoAS reports account for refunds or failed payments.


No Failed Payment Tracking

Google only knows what happens in the browser. It won’t know if a payment later bounced or a refund was requested.

Optimize Traffic for Sales

SegMetrics can send conversion back to Facebook with our Conversion Feeder. That way the AIs can optimize the traffic for sales outside their attribution window.


Optimize Traffic for Weak Goals

If your sales happen after 30 days or offline, then you’re stuck optimizing the traffic for lead conversion rate, which is about as meaningful as a high CTR.

“By the way, your ‘marketing log’ in SegMetrics? Oh my gosh, so simple and so good. The new Google Analytics got rid of notations, so you can’t do any of this anymore. Your implementation is so good, so simple, and crosses all the mediums together. This feature is my new favorite!”

— Brian Grayson, Digital Age Marketer

See the SegMetrics difference - start tracking your entire customer journey today

Find your most profitable source of leads, trials or demos, not just the best “converting”.  With SegMetrics, you have the ability to optimize your marketing funnels using data based on your customer’s entire journey.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are.


Fine Tune
Every Touchpoint

Getting someone’s email or opt-in is only the start of the process. With SegMetrics you can see how each touchpoint within your funnel affects your final revenue.

Maybe you’ve wondered if webinar attendees are more likely to buy? SegMetrics can connect to your CRM to show you the full breakdown, letting you filter based on human attributes, including custom fields and tags. You’ll have the power to analyze the full flow from ad campaign to post-purchase sequence.

Joanna Weibe

SegMetrics is perfect for digital training businesses like ours. Since switching to SegMetrics, we’ve been able to rely on our dashboard in ways we just couldn’t with ‘the other guys’. As an added bonus: their webinars are better than most paid training.

— Joanna Wiebe — Founder, Copyhackers


Quickly Report on Specific Cohorts

Configure a Custom Segment based on the Tags people have (or don’t have) such as Lead Source, Webinar Viewed or Products Purchased. Now you’ll get critical metrics — New Leads, Revenue, Lead Value and more — for just the people in the Segment you’ve created.


It’s never been easier to get valuable performance data for different types of leads! See who clicks an email link or opt in for a specific offer – and how those actions lead to revenue.

Understanding your customer journey is hard to see. SegMetrics is like putting on night vision goggles for your marketing data. All of a sudden you can see the full picture of a customer journey. It’s powerful!

— Wes Bush — Founder, Product Led

Try the SegMetrics difference for free with our 14 day free trial

Get the insights that only deep, accurate attribution can give you, and use those insights to optimize your funnels, revenue and returns.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are

Real Lifetime Lead Values

Know the value of your leads based on who they are and what they do.


No metric is more powerful than Lead Value for measuring the success of your marketing automation, traffic sources, webinars and more.

Powerful List Segmentation

Create reports and segments based on tags, campaign, lead source, and much more. It’s never been easier to see how many people take a certain action — like click an email link or opt in for a specific offer — and how those actions lead to revenue.

The Metrics that Matter

Create reports and segments based on tags, campaign, lead source, and much more. It’s never been easier to see how many people take a certain action — like click an email link or opt in for a specific offer — and how those actions lead to revenue.

SegMetrics deciphers the data so you don’t have to.

We built SegMetrics to be reliable, simple to set up, and easy to read. Because no matter the size or type of your business, success shouldn’t depend on wrestling some sense out of confusing or conflicting data. Get back to making clear-headed, informed decisions. We’ll handle the numbers.

michelle warner

We added SegMetrics to see if it could find answers to questions a client’s had for over a year and that couldn’t be put off any longer. It could, and did so within about 30 seconds.

— Michelle Warner — Strategy Consultant

Lead Insights

See Why Leads Become Customers

Sales Velocity

Track ROI Over Customer Lifetime

visitor journey tracking

Follow Every Step Your Leads Take

chris mason

For all the power that comes with Infusionsoft, it can be a really complicated tool. Reports that should be available with a few clicks just aren’t there. With SegMetrics we can see exactly which leads are most profitable and where our biggest opportunities lie. SegMetrics is like your marketing crystal ball.

— Chris Mason — Automation Marketer at Titans of Direct Response


Calculating any of your important metrics in crm is tough. 

We mean really tough. 

And how confident are you that the numbers you’re getting are accurate?


Take the guesswork out of your marketing. Accurately track the most important metrics related to your marketing campaigns and see how your marketing choices increase (or stall) your growth, with SegMetrics Smart Reporting.

SegMetrics takes the guesswork out. Accurately track the number of contacts added to your crm account every day, week, month and year.

SegMetrics is your complete
marketing analytics toolset in one package

The easiest way to grow your business? Scale what works and kill what doesn’t. Custom Segments give you the power to find exactly what works – so that you can improve your marketing.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are

Example Questions 
SegMetrics Can Answer

Rolling Reports

Quickly Identify Trends & Growth

Custom Dashboards

Create a Marketing Control Panel

Touchpoint Filtering

Filter Leads by Every Action

Get Started in Less than 5 Minutes

Find your most profitable lead sources, scale what works and kill what doesn’t.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are