Hyros Pricing: Costs Compared & Alternatives Explored

Ryan Johnson
Marketer @ SegMetrics

What is Hyros?

Hyros is ad attribution software that uses their “Print Tracking” technology to increase your Ad ROI.

Ad Attribution is really important if you’re selling online! No matter if you’re selling courses or information products, driving paid traffic to your ecommerce store, or growing a SaaS, you need to know which of your ads are generating high-value customers — and which aren’t, so you can stop spending money on them.

The challenge for many marketers is that platforms (like Facebook and Google) can have discrepancies in how they record your conversions. Facebook might say this ad brought you 10 sales or booked calls, and this one brought you 5. But looking in your other tools, you see you got 9 total.

What gives? That’s where an ad attribution tool comes in.

By using an ad attribution tool — like Hyros or SegMetrics — you can better understand your individual ad performance, ROAS, where your most profitable customers come from, which ads to scale, and which to turn off. That means you can double down on what’s working and grow your business.

What’s Hyros’ Pricing?

Prices for Hyros start at $379/month — as of our most recent information as of the publishing of this article. Here’s a table breaking down the prices for Hyros’ monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, and annual plans (based on your monthly tracked revenue).

Monthly Tracked RevenueHyros Price
Hyros Price
Hyros Price
Hyros Price
$0 - 40k$379$1,099$2,099$3,799
$40k - 83k$649$1,849$3,599$6,499
$83k - 250k$1,089$3,099$5,999$10,899
$250k - 750k$1,639$4,699$8,999$16,399
$750k - 1.25M$2,199$6,299$11,999$21,999
$1.25M - 1.6M$2,699$7,849$14,999$26,999
$1.6M - 2.08M$3,299$9,399$17,999$32,999

Is Hyros’ pricing too expensive for you? Then you should check out, an alternative to Hyros.

“I needed to get accurate attribution for my Facebook ads, so I decided to try SegMetrics. I was ready to quit because I was only using Facebook tracking, and their numbers were not matching up to reality. I decided to go with SegMetrics because Hyros and Wicked Reports were SO expensive.”

Jason Gracia, Founder, Swyft Sites

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Hyros’ Pricing: Why Is It So Hard To Find?

Hyros is invite only. If you want to see their pricing, try out the software, or get answers to your questions, you’ve got to book a demo and speak with a direct rep.

  • You can’t sign up for their paid ads tracking tier yourself to try out the software.
  • You can’t even find their pricing on their website, you have to book a demo.

That’s not a bad way to do business — many software businesses do something similar.

But here at SegMetrics, we’ve chosen a different path: transparent, flat-rate pricing and self-serve sign-up.

Hyros’ Pricing vs SegMetrics’ Pricing

All of SegMetrics’ pricing is publicly available on our pricing page. There are no hidden fees- just flat-rate pricing for up to your first million dollars in annual revenue and straightforward tiered pricing that grows as you grow. For every $1 million in annual revenue, you’ll pay an additional $100/month on top of our flat-rate pricing.

How does Hyros’ pricing stack up against SegMetrics’?

Let’s compare the two — this is as reasonably close of a comparison as we think we can make. A few notes!

  • While all SegMetrics plans track your paid traffic and ad performance, for this comparison we’re lining up Hyros’ Paid Ad Tracking Tier to SegMetrics’ Intelligence Tier’s pricing, which we think is the most fair and reasonable comparison.
  • We normalized SegMetrics tiered pricing from ‘business annual revenue’ to ‘business monthly revenue’ (by dividing by 12) for ease of comparison.
  • For each ‘tracked revenue’ tier in Hyros’ pricing, we compared Hyros’ price to SegMetrics’ price.

Bottomline: Depending on your monthly tracked business revenue, this is the price you’ll pay for Hyros’ Paid Traffic Tracking plan or SegMetrics’ Intelligence plan.

Note: This table simplifies the comparison by showing Hyros’s pricing for Paid Traffic Tracking against SegMetrics Intelligence at the highest monthly tracked revenue within each tier. To determine the most accurate cost for your business, use our Hyros Pricing Calculator lower down on this page. You’ll get a precise pricing breakdown for both Hyros and SegMetrics, as well as the savings you can enjoy with SegMetrics.

Your Monthly Tracked RevenueMonthly Price for Hyros Paid Traffic TrackingMonthly Price for SegMetrics IntelligenceYour Savings With SegMetrics Intelligence
Unlimited$4399/monthNot ApplicableNot Applicable

As you can see, you’ll save a significant amount of money with a monthly subscription to SegMetrics as compared to Hyros — typically hundreds of dollars per month.

Hyros vs SegMetrics Pricing Calculator

Seeing numbers in a static table is one thing, but getting a feel for what those numbers mean for your business is another.

You can use the calculator below to see your actual costs for Hyros and SegMetrics and your savings when you choose SegMetrics. Enter your monthly business revenue and see your pricing. 

Your Monthly Revenue

Schedule your personalized tour of SegMetrics

You’re invited to schedule a demo of SegMetrics with one of our marketing experts. Get your questions answered, and see first hand how SegMetrics can help you uncover your hidden profits.

And you don’t give up important features
when you pick SegMetrics over Hyros

For most of our customers, SegMetrics is a more powerful solution than Hyros for ad tracking and attribution, customer journey tracking, and multi-channel ecommerce.

Plus, with our 14-Day Free Trial, you can get started with SegMetrics, connect your integrations, import your data, filter your data, build custom dashboards, and try out all of our features before you pay us anything.

SegMetrics: A Powerful Alternative to Hyros

(with more affordable pricing!)

SegMetrics: Trusted by 3,000+ Digital Marketers and Advertising Agencies

Here at SegMetrics, we offer a powerful — and affordable — alternative to Hyros for your ad tracking needs. You can dive into a detailed, point-by-point comparison on our Alternative to Hyros page, but here are a few of the details that our customers call out.

Fragile web-based lead tracking
Hyros’ lead tracking is based on pixel data, which may be interrupted by ad blockers or iOS updates (like iOS 14 and iOS 17)
Robust cookie + CRM-Based lead tracking
SegMetrics combines information from your email and CRM integrations with a first-party cookie solution to track page views and links.
Compare Top of Funnel Touchpoints
Hyros can let you see how the different sources and campaigns contributed to your revenue.
Compare Top, Middle, and Bottom
of Funnel Touchpoints

SegMetrics lets you see how any step in your marketing funnel affects your bottom line, such as whether the webinar increased sales or how each upsell option affected revenue.
No Historical Data Importing 🙁
Hyros’ data tracking starts the day you install the tracking pixel.
Immediately Dig Through Your Past Data!
SegMetrics imports all the past data from your integration, so you can start making decisions today — no waiting.

“SegMetrics is the tracking and analytics software we didn’t know we needed. It has helped us make data- driven decisions and took the guesswork out of where our opportunities for growth are. Anyone that wants to track their ad spend and analyze their business data properly should be using SegMetrics. It’s truly one of a kind!”

Santo Cozzolino — Agilize Consulting

Why do savvy marketers and agencies choose SegMetrics over Hyros?

The first reason is SegMetrics’ price

SegMetrics is significantly more affordable than Hyros.

  • You can get started with a free 14-day trial of SegMetrics right now, with pricing that starts at $175/month for SegMetrics Essentials, and $375/month for SegMetrics Intelligence.
  • You can’t get started today with Hyros — you’ll need to schedule a demo and get an invite. And if you qualify, you’ll be paying up to hundreds of dollars more per month for Hyros than for SegMetrics.

Right out of the gate, you’ll save a healthy amount of money with SegMetrics.

Next comes how SegMetrics’ attribution differs from Hyros’

SegMetrics paints a more complete picture of where your customers come from and the journey they take to purchase.

  • Hyros’ “Print Tracking” is based on cookies, IP addresses, and some standard server-side tracking.
  • SegMetrics uses the same information and data and combines it with our advanced fingerprinting, 7D tracking, and a native connection with your email marketing platform or CRM.

That adds up to SegMetrics giving you improved tracking across all devices.

After that is SegMetrics’ middle-of-the-funnel tracking

Both Hyros and SegMetrics attribute sales back to the lead source — like the individual ad that the person clicked.

But only SegMetrics shows you how every step of your nurture sequence impacts that revenue and customer lifetime value, whether that customer is opening an email, attending a webinar, or getting on a sales call.

Altogether, that gives you a more detailed, more in-depth view of your customer journey from first ad click to repeat purchase, like what Brendan Dubbels of Ontraport had to share here about how we helped them improve their tracking:

brandan dubbel

“It’s not enough for us to just track our ads right after the first click because someone may convert 6 months later. SegMetrics has made a huge difference in our ability to track what we are actually getting from our paid ads. We can even track the impact individual salespeople are having during the sales process.”

— Brendan Dubbels — Senior Partner Manager, Ontraport

But the biggest difference? SegMetrics flexible reporting

Hyros gives you rigid reports out of the box.

SegMetrics gives you custom dashboards along with pre-built reports and powerful filters, so you can segment and report on any part of the customer journey.

That way, you can find and build the reporting that’s right for your unique business. That’s why Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers had this to share about our dashboards and reporting:

“SegMetrics is perfect for digital training businesses like ours. Since switching to SegMetrics, we’ve been able to rely on our dashboard in ways we just couldn’t with ‘the other guys’.”

— Joanna Wiebe — Founder, Copyhackers 

Have questions? Book a demo of SegMetrics

You’re invited to schedule a demo of SegMetrics with one of our marketing experts. Get your questions answered, and see first hand how SegMetrics can help you uncover your hidden profits.

Pick the date and time that works best from you in the scheduler below, and reserve your time for a demo of SegMetrics.

Ryan Johnson

Marketer @ SegMetrics

Ryan Johnson is a content strategist and product marketing manager with over 15 years experience bringing brands and products to life with integrated editorial and sales collateral, value-based messaging, and GTM strategies.

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