Track from ad to purchase to lifetime customer in one report

Find where your loyal customers come from with robust lifetime value attribution across your whole funnel.

Avoid iOS issues

Use our 7D Tracking to reliably see where your sales really come from, without disruptions from iOS or ad blockers.

Reduce refund rates

Stop optimizing for crappy customers. Uncover your biggest sources of refunds and nip them in the bud.


Train the ad platform AIs to optimize your traffic by feeding them enhanced sales data you can only get from SegMetrics.

Create loyal customers

Go past aiming for single sales. Find where your best customers originate and optimize for lifetime value.

Overcome Challenges in Ecommerce Marketing

Just a few of the companies improving their marketing with SegMetrics


Attribute every sale with our 7D Tracking

Over half of your traffic is being missed through cross-device, cross-session and interference from Apple or ad blockers.


SegMetrics’ 7D Tracking uses the visitor’s browser, device, patterns of use and more to generate a multi-point unique fingerprint.

Conversion Feeder Ad Platforms

Optimize your ads
with Conversion Feeder

The ad AIs can’t truly optimize your traffic if they can’t see the real data from your sales.


Automatically feed them data about the purchases they can’t detect, as well as collection and refund status, with our Conversion Feeder.

SegMetrics gives you X-Ray vision to reveal what your customers are doing, how your marketing funnel is working… and how to make it work better.

Eben Pagan — Founder, Eben Pagan Training


Protect your profits with refund tracking

Not all orders are worth celebrating. You need to find the successfully completed purchases that generate revenue


SegMetrics goes beyond detecting checkout events, by measuring the collected revenue accounting for cancellations or refunds – even through payment plans, subscriptions and more.

Michael Yates

SegMetrics gives you the robust attribution data you need to determine ROI and achieve your growth goals. Our marketing strategy would be flying in the dark without it!

Michael Yates — VP of Marketing, Virtuance

Find your Hidden Profits in Under 5 Minutes

Finally optimize every campaign and touchpoint to maximize revenue.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are.


Get the true lifetime RoAS from your marketing

Loyal customers are the lifeblood of a successful business, so your tracking shouldn’t stop after a single sale.


SegMetrics collects long term customer journey data through multiple purchases, joining the source to each follow-up sale.

Understanding your customer journey is hard to see. SegMetrics is like putting on night vision goggles for your marketing data. All of a sudden you can see the full picture of a customer journey. It’s powerful!

— Wes Bush — Founder, Product Led


Uncover the revenue value of from every email

Track how every coupon, sale or special offer affects your sales. SegMetrics connects directly to your email platform and contact information to put a dollar amount to every send.

SegMetrics has greatly helped us identify the Ads/Channels that we should focus our ad $$ on. We have a long sales cycle so it has really helped us see what is going on in the customer journey from start to finish. Great tool for us!

Scott McQuin — Glass Shower Direct

Questions SegMetrics
Can Answer

SegMetrics is your unbiased,
holistic tool for finding hidden profits.

Your eCommerce funnels don’t have to be a mystery box any longer.  Use our deep analytics to understand your customers, leads and prospects and how they behave. Optimize every campaign and touchpoint to maximize your MRR.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are.

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