Work with one of our dedicated marketing optimization experts​

To save you time, we offer a range of done-for-you setup services to help you get started with SegMetrics. Whether you want to use SegMetrics for yourself or your clients, you’ll love working with our marketing optimization experts.

Let us help you with your setup and data analysis with our Done-For-You services

Check out our range of done-for-you setup services if you

  • have many moving parts to your funnel
  • want to ensure your tracking is fully optimized
  • would like some help digging into your data

Start with one of our core setup services, then purchase additional standalone services à la carte.

Core Setup Services

All of our done-for-you setup clients start with one of these three core setup services. These services are focused on getting your marketing funnel and data accurately tracked in SegMetrics. Afterwards, you can purchase any of our standalone services.

The Full Done-For-You SegMetrics Setup ($2,500)

Our team will take care of everything you need to get started with SegMetrics. This is our white-glove, comprehensive setup option. By the end of your Done-for-You Setup, you’ll have:

Altogether, the full done-for-you setup includes

  • Initial Funnel Roadmapping Consultation
  • Website, Campaign Tracking, And Tagging Setup
  • Dashboard Setup
  • Nurture Campaign Setup
  • Team Training
  • Training SOPs

Plus, when you order the full Done-for-You Setup package, you’ll save 10% ($500) compared to buying each of the included services individually.

Initial Funnel Roadmapping Consultation ($1,500)

You’ll have an initial 50-minute call with one of our marketing optimization experts to learn about how your marketing funnels work, the platforms you use, and your business priorities. We will then discuss which metrics you wish to track along with suggesting KPIs you didn’t know were possible. (Included with the full done-for-you setup)

After the call, you’ll receive a copy of your funnel modeled in Miro, a custom SegMetrics dashboard, and a tag planning document. You can then either implement the roadmap yourself, or we can use it to inform other done-for-you work together.

Done-with-You Setup + Funnel Optimization ($250/month)

You’ll have a regular monthly call with one of our marketing optimization experts. During these calls, we’ll work with you to setup your SegMetrics account, analyze your data, and optimize your funnels. We’ll go over your data with you, analyze your previous months’ performance, and discuss opportunities to further improve your funnel. Calls are 45-minutes long.

Standalone Add-On Services

With our standalone add-on services, you can build your own bundle. Pick the services that you need, and build a package that fits your business (and budget) perfectly. You need to work with us on one of the core setup services first before purchasing any add-on services.

Website, Campaign Tracking, and Tagging Setup ($1,250)

We’ll set up the tracking pixel for all your websites along with external tools such as your webinar platforms, then talk you through setting up the SegMetrics tracking links for all of your current ads. Then, we’ll test each flow to ensure SegMetrics is correctly recording your full customer journeys.

Team Training Call ($1,500)

Get answers to your team’s questions about SegMetrics and ‘do this, not that’ training on how to best use SegMetrics. You and your team will have a call with us to talk through SegMetrics, your dashboard and reports, and your training questions, helping your team to get the most out of SegMetrics.

Standard Operating Procedures ($500)

Get standard operating procedures on how to best use SegMetrics. You’ll get access to the ‘do this, not that’ SOPs in our training library.

Additional Dashboard Setup ($250)

Custom dashboards pull in metrics from every aspect of your marketing to a central overview. You’ll meet with a member of our team, talk through the KPIs, metrics and dimensions that are most valuable for your specific setup (whether it’s ad ROI or upsell performance), and then we’ll set up your custom dashboard for you. 

Additional Nurture Campaign Setup ($500)

Funnel reports give you a granular view of how leads are moving from one step to the next. You’ll meet with a member of our team, talk through the key stages of one of your nurture campaigns you want to measure and any contact tags you need to implement, and then we’ll set up your custom funnel report for your nurture campaign.

How to order your selected services

To get started, use the purchase links on the individual service page to purchase the service(s) you’re interested in. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

“Should I be worried about my data privacy?”

In a word: No. We know how sensitive your business data is. Any data shared with our team as part of a Done-for-You service is protected by the same NDAs and Data Protection Policies that protect your data in SegMetrics. You can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

“I’m not sure which services I need, can we chat about it?”

Absolutely. Feel free to send us an email at and let us know more about you, your business, and the outcomes you’re looking for.