Team Training Call

Get specific, personalized advice for using SegMetrics and optimizing your funnel setup. Plus, we’ll teach your team our best-practice standard operating procedures and guidelines for getting the most out of SegMetrics.

Your Investment: $1,500.

“What’s included?”

Setting you up for success can’t happen if your team can’t take that information and run with it. 

You’ll bring your team together for an hour-long SegMetrics training call led by one of our marketing optimization experts. On the call, we’ll train you on

  • The new data opportunities SegMetrics provides each role on marketing team (e.g., SEO, ads, email)
  • How your team members can report on and interpret their data
  • How to best track your marketing data in SegMetrics 

Your training is specific and customized to your team, reporting needs, and marketing data. You’ll get training on how to use the software, answers to your questions, and ‘do this, not that’ advice.

Your Investment: $1,500.

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team training

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