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White-Glove Done-for-You Optimization

This is our white-glove, done-for-you optimization option.

Our team will take care of everything you need to succeed with SegMetrics — including sending you and your team some SegMetrics swag.

Your Investment: $2,500 $2,000.

“How do I purchase this service?”

Use the purchase links on this page to order this service.

Once we receive your order, we’ll send you details on next steps, including any kickoff questions we have for you.

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“What’s included?”

Each done-for-you optimization engagement starts with a detailed initial funnel road mapping consultation.

You’ll meet with one of our marketing optimization experts for a 50-minute call to discuss your marketing ecosystem, sales process, and marketing data.

On your call, your marketing optimization expert will build out a model of your funnel in a Miro board, so you can collaboratively discuss your funnel’s flow, where you need to track or tag your contacts, and what pivots you can use for your marketing data analysis.

You can see an example funnel in Miro in the image to the right or this link.

After the call, you’ll receive a copy of your Miro board, a dashboard in SegMetrics, and documentation for your funnel (telling you what tags to track and how it works in SegMetrics).

“How does it work?”

Once we’ve met with you and we understand your business and funnel, we’ll get to work on your done-for-you SegMetrics setup and optimization

By the end of your Done-for-You Optimization you’ll have:

  • A thorough tracking setup for your funnel and tooling
  • Custom reports and dashboards, built for your exact analysis needs
  • Personalized training for you and your team on the skills you need to make the most of your data, by one of the SegMetrics marketing optimization experts

We’ll get your tracking configured across all your marketing properties, as well as build you a fully tracked marketing funnel, complete with a KPI-centric dashboard to help you optimize your marketing. That includes:

Website, Campaign Tracking, and Tagging Setup

We’ll set up your tracking pixel for all your websites along with external tools such as your webinar platforms, then talk you through setting up the SegMetrics tracking links for all of your current ads.

We’ll also configure one of your marketing campaigns in SegMetrics with all of your touchpoint tags, UTM values, and product purchases that will enable you to effectively track and optimize your marketing. (Campaign size is limited to 30 emails and 20 tag touchpoints.)

Then, we’ll test each flow to ensure SegMetrics is correctly recording your full customer journeys.

Nurture Campaign Setup

Funnel reports give you a granular view of how leads are moving from one step to the next.

You’ll meet with a member of our team, talk through the key stages you want to measure in your nurture campaign, any contact tags you need to implement, and then we’ll set up your custom funnel report for your nurture campaign.

Custom Dashboard Setup

Custom dashboards pull in metrics from every aspect of your marketing to a central overview.

You’ll meet with a member of our team, talk through the KPIs, metrics, and dimensions that are most valuable for your specific setup (whether it’s ad ROI or upsell performance), and then we’ll set up your custom dashboard for you.

Team Training

Setting you up for success can’t happen if your team can’t take that information and run with it.

You’ll bring your team together for an hour-long SegMetrics training call led by one of our marketing optimization experts. You’ll get training on how to use the software, answers to your questions, and ‘do this, not that’ advice.

Standard Operating Procedures

We provide SOPs and training materials (collected from over a decade of working with marketers and agencies), to help you get the most out of SegMetrics and your marketing optimization.

Optional: Ongoing Support

After your Done-For-You setup is complete, if you’d like to continue working with your expert to keep your campaigns up-to-date and running smoothly, let us know. We love working together in the long term with our clients to help them optimize their marketing.

Your Investment: $2,500 $2,000. 

When you order the full Done-for-You package, you’ll save big compared to buying each service individually.

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If you have any questions about this service, what’s included, or how to get started, feel free to email us at