Train the ad platform AIs with SegMetrics’ Conversion Feeder

Train the Facebook and Google AIs to send you the best possible traffic, by feeding them a new source of meaningful conversion data, no matter if the conversions took place online, offline, in-person, or over the phone.

Conversion Feeder
Optimize for sales, not leads

Conversion Feeder will show the AIs who becomes customers, not just who downloaded a PDF

Train the bots with every sale

iOS and ad blockers can hide conversions from the bots, but Conversion Feeder uncovers blind spots

Optimize for real sales

AI Limitations

The ad platforms can’t see who becomes a customer

Ad platforms are increasingly intelligent, but they’re only as good as the data they’re given. If all they can see is lead magnet downloads, that’s what they’ll optimize for.

The basic pixel can’t show them if the leads they’re sending you turn into customers or are time wasters. 

Conversion Feeder Ad Platforms

feed them real conversions

Feed the bots data about every sale

Conversion Feeder sends the event data back to your ad platforms. Even if a sale happened after a long nurture sequence, the AIs will learn that the person converted and to send you similar traffic.

How it works:
Connecting every sale to an ad

SegMetrics records the ad ID for every visitor (if they came from an ad).


Unlike with Facebook or Google’s tracking, we can store that information indefinitely. If the lead makes a purchase, we then send the data back to the relevant ad platform via their Offline Conversion APIs.


The ad platforms then use each piece of conversion data to further refine the traffic that they are sending you so that you get more sales.

How much data are you missing?
  • 43% of internet users have installed adblockers
  • 60% of Americans have an iPhone and iOS
Robust tracking

Show the bots their blindspots

The bot can’t optimize for conversions they can’t see, which includes actions hidden by iOS 14 or ad blockers.


SegMetrics sends them this missing data, so that they can optimize for every sale, not just the minority that slip past the various obstacles.

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