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Get Real Clarity On Your Ad Campaigns

It’s no secret that most ad platforms don't report accurately. This leaves you to make way too many “educated guesses.” With SegMetrics, you can now have crystal clarity on how every single penny of your ad spend is performing.

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Confidently Scale Your Ads

Track all your ad sources and know down to the penny, what your RoAS is on every single ad campaign you run.

Get Granular Data

Break down and analyze your campaigns in any way you want - whether it's demographics, campaigns, ad sets, and more.

Track Sales To Their Source

Spending hours calculating your paid media ROI? SegMetrics tracks sales to their source and gives you 100% accurate reporting on every one of your ad campaigns.

See The Entire Customer Journey

Forget failed pixels - with SegMetrics you can get long-term tracking on all your customers, going all the way back to the original ad they came in from.

Advanced Features for Ad Reporting


Gain Confidence In Where Leads Are Coming from

Forget unreliable javascript-only tracking. SegMetrics allows you to know your precise cost-per-acquisition for new and old leads. Follow your leads through every step of your funnel.

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In our CRM, reports that should be available with a few clicks just aren’t there.

SegMetrics changed that for us. Now we can see exactly which leads are most profitable and where our biggest opportunities lie. SegMetrics is like your marketing crystal ball.

— Chris Mason — Automation Marketer at Titans of Direct Response


Long-Term Tracking Across all Platforms

No more flying in the dark, even when you use multiple ad platforms. Now you can have everything in one, central location. SegMetrics works across Facebook, Google Ads, and Bing and even lets you track repeat-buyers all from the original ad that converted them .

SegMetrics is your complete
marketing analytics toolset in one package

The easiest way to grow your business? Scale what works and kill what doesn’t. Custom Segments give you the power to find exactly what works – for email content, Lead Magnets, webinars, and more – so that you can improve your marketing.

All Your Data in One Place

Better Attribution, Better Results

The days of comparing data against multiple tools like Google Analytics, Facebook, Stripe and your CRM, just to to figure out where leads came in from - whether organic or paid - are over. Bring all your data together , so you can focus on growing ROI.

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Simple Ad-Tracking Installation

Forget complicated ad tracking software that requires you to be a programming genius. With SegMetrics, set up is just 3 simple steps. You and your team can be up and running, ready to start tracking your marketing funnels in as little as five minutes.

We added SegMetrics yesterday to see if it could find answers to questions a client’s had for over a year and that couldn’t be put off any longer. It could, and did so within about 30 seconds.

— Michelle Warner — Strategy Consultant

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