Advertising reports

Track the true performance of every ad campaign

Attribute every dollar of LTV back to the your ad campaigns. SegMetrics shows you the ad spend and ROI across all of your platforms, including Google, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and more — all in one report.

Unlimited attribution windows

Attribution includes purchases made months or years after entering your funnel.

Meaningful segmentation

Find the groups that perform best in each campaign type with advanced demographic filters.

No double-counting

Our contact-based attribution system means purchases won’t be double counted by flaky browser events.

Holistic attribution

SegMetrics is unbiased, giving you a holistic attribution across all your marketing channels.

No more attribution guesstimations


Measure success with sales, not leads

Businesses succeed due to sales, not just leads, and your campaigns should be the same. Our unlimited attribution windows can attribute purchases even through long or complex funnels.

michelle warner

We added SegMetrics to see if it could find answers to questions a client’s had for over a year and that couldn’t be put off any longer. It could, and did so within about 30 seconds.

— Michelle Warner — Strategy Consultant


See the exact purchases attributed to each ad

SegMetrics doesn’t give you yet more mystery numbers. Ad reports show you the list of relevant customers and purchases so you can see who really clicked your ads.

For all the power that comes with Infusionsoft, it can be a really complicated tool. Reports that should be available with a few clicks just aren’t there. With SegMetrics we can see exactly which leads are most profitable and where our biggest opportunities lie. SegMetrics is like your marketing crystal ball.

— Chris Mason — Automation Marketer at Titans of Direct Response

Just a few of the companies improving their marketing with SegMetrics

Questions SegMetrics Can Answer

SegMetrics is your unbiased, holistic attribution tool


Following the data only works if you have unbiased data that captures the big picture. 

Holistic attribution lets you see how first and last touch through multiple ad platforms affects your conversion, all the way through your funnel.


Find the ads that bring in loyal customers

A customer’s journey shouldn’t stop with a single transaction. SegMetrics uses LTV tracking to calculate your RoAS, whether it’s separate items or a repeat subscription.

Thanks to SegMetrics, I can give my clients real-time understanding of their audience, and the major metrics that drive their growth. What used to take hours of merging spreadsheets is instantly available in my SegMetrics reports.

— Marcus Blankenship — Executive Coach


Train the AIs to bring in real customers

As well as improved reporting, SegMetrics also trains the ad platforms’ AIs by feeding them enhanced conversion data about the sales they can’t detect themselves.

SegMetrics gives you X-Ray vision to reveal what your customers are doing, how your marketing funnel is working… and how to make it work better.

— Eben Pagan — Founder, Eben Pagan Training

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