Finding Your Niche in a Global Market

The internet has changed everything. It’s changed the way we do business. It’s changed the way we connect with people. And it’s also changed the way we find people with similar interests. On some levels this may seem very basic, but the internet is only 27 years old, imagine what it will be like in […]

Grow A Paying Customer Base…by Giving Away Your Content for Free

We want you to give away your best content for free. Ooh! Did you feel that? It’s your gut reaction saying “No, no no! Absolutely NOT.” That’s the reaction most people have. It’s your body’s way of telling you “never work for free,” a platitude we’ve all been reminded of time and time again. Well, […]

4 Easy Steps To Improve Lead Tracking

We’ve heard from a number of customers over the past few months, and the biggest question people have is how to make sure that SegMetrics is tracking every single lead who goes through their marketing flow. We’re always working to improve our web tracking features, and today I want to share 4 easy steps you […]

The Must-Read Marketing Segmentation Handbook

What’s the biggest misconception online marketers have about their own product? That their product is for EVERYONE. People hold on to this misconception for a few reasons. Maybe you’re holding on to this misconception right now. You think: “My product is full of so much great information that literally EVERYONE should be interested in it.” […]

Three ways to overcome customers most common objections to purchasing

It’s a problem as old as time: you create a product, but people aren’t buying. Even if you have plenty of traffic, your visitors aren’t converting. Your first reaction is: “There must be something wrong with my product.” Motivated to get more sales, you invest all of your time reworking and retooling. You use up […]

Why Tiered Pricing Is the ONLY Way to Price Your Product

Tiered pricing is one of those no-brainer concepts that some entrepreneurs and companies are hesitant to embrace. Don’t make that mistake – tiered pricing can work for almost anyone. And without it, you’re losing potential revenue. What is tiered pricing?  At its most basic, it means providing your product or service at different price points. […]

How to Convert Leads That Don’t Buy: The 90-Day Funnel Strategy

There are two outcomes to any marketing funnel. Either the lead purchased the product you had for sale… or they didn’t. Today I want to talk about those customers who chose not to buy from you, despite having gone through an excellent, carefully structured nurture sequence — and why you shouldn’t write them off quite yet. […]