How to Convert Leads That Don’t Buy: The 90-Day Funnel Strategy

There are two outcomes to any marketing funnel. Either the lead purchased the product you had for sale… or they didn’t. Today I want to talk about those customers who chose not to buy from you, despite having gone through an excellent, carefully structured nurture sequence — and why you shouldn’t write them off quite yet. […]

From Cold to Hot: How to warm up your marketing leads

It was supposed to be simple. You created a website and an email list. You wrote a killer incentive to get people to subscribe. You get a pretty good conversion rate and your list is a decent size… But none of your subscribers ever seem to actually buy your products. You’ve heard the case studies […]

4 Critical Metrics Hiding in Your Infusionsoft Account (and How To Uncover Them)

Over 40,000 users have signed up for Infusionsoft, and it’s understandable why. Infusionsoft provides businesses with a stellar way to automate their marketing. Unfortunately, trying to extract data from Infusionsoft can be challenging. And trying to extract the exact data you actually need to grow your business? Nearly impossible. If you’re one of the many […]

How to Track Email Opens in Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder

While Infusionsoft gives great reporting on broadcast emails, and individual emails sent out, it can be difficult to get open rates from the Campaign Builder. In fact, traditionally the only way to track email opens in an auto-responder sequence is to pull a pivot table from the email reports. At least until now — with […]