Just Ask Ian: Optimizing ad conversions with SegMetrics

Ryan Johnson
Marketer @ SegMetrics
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How should you balance ad acquisition and ad engagement?

In this week’s Just Ask Ian video, we look at ad conversions. Do you understand the crucial distinctions between ad engagement and ad acquisition? Understanding these differences can drastically reshape your marketing strategies and improve your ROI.

Want to see how it’s done? Watch the video to learn:

  • How to move beyond vanity metrics to uncover real conversions
  • Understand the full journey from click to customer
  • How to optimize your ROAS

Video: “Optimizing ad conversions with SegMetrics”

Video Transcript

Ever wondered how to tell the true story behind your ad acquisition? Comparing engagement versus acquisition is a game changer in marketing!

Knowing these differences will drastically reshape your strategies! So let’s dive into those critical distinctions right now.

For digital marketers, understanding the true impact of your ads isn’t just helpful, it’s essential in effectively applying your ad spend. Most marketers struggle with differentiating between those who click (engagement) and those who click and take meaningful action (such as joining your list or making a purchase). You need to understand your ad conversions!

Most marketing tools only give you surface level views, missing those deeper insights into what’s really driving results. Identifying not just your clicks and leads, but your conversions is critical to understanding how valuable your ads really are. Are your ads just generating buzz, or are they really bringing in valuable leads?

Knowing this distinction is crucial, as it affects where you allocate your budget and your time.

Going into our advertising report, let’s just see how many of our leads are clicking on our ads. And how much revenue they’re generating after they click that ad. However, as you probably know, people use ads like a search link. A lot of these users aren’t actually new to your list. We can solve that by using filters to make sure we’re only looking at people who joined the list after they clicked the ad.

With a clearer view of engagement versus acquisition, you’re not just counting clicks. You’re understanding the full journey between click to customer. You’re looking at ad conversions. This clarity allows you to focus on ads that aren’t just driving clicks – they’re converting to real, valuable customer interactions.

For instance, if you notice an ad is getting high engagement but low acquisition, it’s probably time to tweak its messaging or its target audience. What about an ad with low engagement but high acquisition? That’s a hidden gem and deserves more of your marketing budget. This insight is crucial to optimizing your ad spend. You can invest in campaigns that are really driving your business growth.

This approach is about moving beyond vanity metrics – such as impressions or likes – to metrics that are actually affecting your bottom line. With this information, you’ll also be able to craft more targeted messaging that resonates with your audience and leads to better ad conversions.

Next Steps

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Ryan Johnson

Marketer @ SegMetrics

Ryan Johnson is a content strategist and product marketing manager with over 15 years experience bringing brands and products to life with integrated editorial and sales collateral, value-based messaging, and GTM strategies.

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