Check This Out: Uncovering Profitable Traffic with SegMetrics

Ryan Johnson
Marketer @ SegMetrics

In this week’s Check This Out video, you’ll see how SegMetrics helps you unveil the power of your traffic data and identify your most profitable sources of visitors. Want to see how it’s done in SegMetrics? Watch the full video and learn how to identify which traffic sources are driving bottom line revenue in SegMetrics.

Video: “Check This Out: Uncovering Profitable Traffic with SegMetrics”

In This Video, You’ll Learn

  1. How to identify your most profitable traffic sources accurately.
  2. Optimizing your marketing strategy with precise data analytics.
  3. Leveraging SegMetrics for refined content and ad spend decisions.
  4. The impact of understanding traffic sources on ROI enhancement.

Video Transcript

If I had to take a guess, I bet you’ve been wondering which traffic sources are really boosting your bottom line.

This is crucial, yet often elusive, information, but I’m about to unveil the secrets to uncovering the most profitable traffic sources for your business right now.

As you already know, understanding the impact of different traffic sources on your revenue is crucial. Remember, in marketing, it’s not just about driving any traffic, it’s about driving the right traffic. And knowing where your high value customers are coming from allow you to focus your efforts and allocate your budgets much more effectively.

Plus, it’s no secret that marketers often struggle to link traffic sources back to revenue and this is because most traditional tools rely on things like web pixels and other technologies to connect those dots, but identifying these high revenue traffic sources should really be a breeze, but sometimes it’s like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces.

The web report lets us see how many visitors are on our website, and how many of those turn into leads, and then customers. Here, we can see not only which channels are driving the most revenue, but we can break it down by which sites and refers are bringing in that revenue, or even UTM values like source.

All right. So what this lets you do is formulate a marketing strategy that isn’t just based on gut feelings or guesswork. Really think about it, knowing which sites are bringing in revenue, or even the specific UTM values that are driving that performance.

Empowers you to allocate your budget much more effectively. And this isn’t just about tracking numbers. It’s about optimizing your ad spend, refining your content strategy, and making better informed decisions on partnerships and SEO efforts. Knowing your most profitable traffic sources means you can replicate the success and avoid more costly pitfalls.

This means you can double down on what’s working and phase out what isn’t. Are certain referrers consistently driving high value customers? Shift more sources there. Is a particular campaign underperforming? Well, it might be time to pivot. This isn’t just data, it’s a roadmap to refine your marketing techniques, optimize your budget, and ultimately boost your ROI.

Well, that does it for this edition of Data Beats Opinion, but we got a ton more videos on the channel and new episodes coming out every week to help you optimize your marketing with SegMetrics. Thanks again for stopping by and see the description below for more on how SegMetrics unveils your hidden profits.

Until next time, happy marketing.

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Ryan Johnson

Marketer @ SegMetrics

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