Simplify Your Financial Reporting with Multi-Currency Conversion

Ryan Johnson
Marketer @ SegMetrics

If you’ve ever found yourself juggling currencies, trying to make sense of your ad spend, RoAS, and sales across boarders, then we’ve got a new feature that’s going to make your day.

Imagine an Australian ecommerce company excelling in surfboards, selling in AUS$ on Shopify, and advertising globally in US$ and JP¥. Despite high sales, currency conversion complexities obscure which ads drive real profit.

Things are going great for them! Or, so they think. They’re seeing a high number of sales, but they don’t know which of their ad spends (in which currencies) are bringing them back profitable sales.

They’re tangled in a complex web of currency conversion, making it a struggle to understand their financials or make strategic marketing decision. And they’re left guessing where to allocate their advertising and marketing budgets effectively.

Presenting, SegMetrics’ Multi-Currency Conversion

For ecommerce businesses operating globally, juggling ad spend and sales data in multiple currencies is a known headache our customers face daily. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our groundbreaking Multi-Currency Conversion feature.

At its core, SegMetrics Multi-Currency Conversion feature automatically translates, converts, and normalizes your ad spend, sales, and other marketing metrics into your primary currency. Say goodbye to manual calculations and guesswork in analyzing performance. You’ll love your accurate, real-time metrics, based on official FOREX exchange rates.

Imagine a single dashboard comparing the performance of two Shopify ecommerce stores — one receiving purchase revenue in Japanese Yen (JP¥) and the other receiving in US Dollars (USD$) — along with the performance of their respective ad campaigns on platforms spending in JP¥, USD, and EUR. With SegMetrics, you can effortlessly see this performance side-by-side in your accounts preferred currency.

Designed for businesses running multinational ads or operating multiple online stores in different currencies, our multi-currency conversion feature allows you to directly compare metrics apples-to-apples in a standardized currency, based on historical currency conversion rates. This is ideal if you have integrations sending in data in a different currency than specified as your preferred currency in your SegMetrics account.

How To Set Up Our Multi-Currency Conversion

  1. Easy Setup

For platforms without native multi-currency support, simply navigate to ‘Account Settings’ in the SegMetrics app and activate the Currency Conversion option. It’s a one-step process to turn the feature on and unify your data into one currency.

Once you’ve configured this currency conversion setting, SegMetrics will convert everything into your preferred currency format, as specified in the Currency Format field on the Account Settings page.

If you’d like to select a specific currency to convert into for a specific integration, you can configure that on the integration configuration form (found under Integrations → Configure Integrations → [Your Selected Integration] or when setting up a new integration, if applicable).

Currently, we support setting a custom currency for these integrations, with more coming soon: Close, EasyDigitalDownloads, EasyPayDirect, Gumroad, Infusionsoft, Klaviyo, Konnektive, Linkedin, Memberpress, Mindbody, Ontraport, Pardot, Pintrest, Stickyio, Teachable, and Twitter.

2. Historical Precision

Our currency conversion feature stands out by mapping each transaction to its day’s specific FOREX rate, ensuring accuracy in your financial and marketing analysis. This means you can trust every number, from last month’s ad spend to last year’s major launch, to reflect the true cost and revenue in your primary currency.

3. Integration Friendly

This feature is designed to play nice with the data from the 100+ marketing platforms and tools we integrate with. SegMetrics pulls in your data directly from your ad platforms, CRMs, email marketing platforms, and stores. And then this multi-currency conversion feature ensures that every number, from every source, is accurately converted and reported.

Get Started Today

Multi-Currency Conversion is available today for accounts on the Business plan or higher. If you’re currently on the Business plan, you’ll see the switch to enable currency conversion on your account settings.

Frequently asked questions

  • “Who is this currency conversion feature best for?” Multi-country ecommerce and infoproduct businesses or businesses with advertising spend in multiple currencies or currencies different from their selling currency.
  • “Does the currency conversion feature use hard coded conversion values?” No, these aren’t hard coded values. Currencies fluctuate all the time! We track all currency exchange rates down to the day, with data powered by FOREX (the official provider of currency exchange rates).
  • “What if value I see in SegMetrics don’t quite match what I’m seeing in my bank account?” This is likely due to small fees along the payment chain. For example, your bank or payment providers may have taken a % when dealing with this foreign currency. The numbers you see in SegMetrics align with the ‘official numbers’ for that revenue: the top line numbers before fees are taken out. What you see in your bank account’s transaction ledger is after fees have been taken out. (If you see drastically different numbers than what you expect, reach out to our customer support team at

Ryan Johnson

Marketer @ SegMetrics

Ryan Johnson is a content strategist and product marketing manager with over 15 years experience bringing brands and products to life with integrated editorial and sales collateral, value-based messaging, and GTM strategies.

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