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Multi-Currency Clarity

Simplify your international marketing with SegMetrics’ Multi-Currency Conversion — automatically convert, match, and integrate your global marketing metrics into one primary currency for crystal-clear decision-making. Powered by real-time FOREX rates, your data is always precise and actionable.

Image Description for Designer: An engaging, clean UI screenshot showing a dashboard with multiple currencies being automatically converted into a single primary currency. Echos of this.

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Automatic Conversion

Instantly normalize global ad spend and sales into your primary currency for a unified financial perspective.

Historical Rate Matching

Ensure financial accuracy with each transaction matched to its specific day’s FOREX rate.

Seamless Integration

Connect and compare data across 100+ marketing platforms with a single currency viewpoint.

Powered by FOREX

Leverage real-time, official exchange rates for the most accurate and current financial insights.

Global Finance, Localized

Trusted by 3,000+ Digital Marketers

Image Description for Designer: An engaging, clean UI screenshot showing a dashboard with multiple currencies being automatically converted into a single primary currency. Echos of this.

Multi-Currency Conversion

Simplify Your Global Finances

Instantly translate ad spends and sales into your primary currency, ensuring clarity and precision in your financial overview with real-time FOREX rates.

Historical Currency Rate Matching

Precision in Every Transaction

SegMetrics automatically applies day-specific FOREX rates to new and past transactions, ensuring your financials reflect true costs and revenues.

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Expand Your Insights with Integrated Features

Dive deeper into your financial analysis with SegMetrics’ suite of complementary features. Enhance the power of Multi-Currency Conversion with tools designed for precision and ease.

Custom Dashboards

Customize and control your financial view. Our Custom Dashboards work hand-in-hand with Multi-Currency Conversion to display a unified, currency-consolidated picture of your financial health.

Revenue Attribution

Trace every dollar to its source. Revenue Attribution integrates with Multi-Currency Conversion, ensuring every bit of revenue is accurately traced back to your marketing efforts, in any currency.

Ad Spend Tracking

Get a true measure of your marketing ROI. Ad Spend Tracking and Multi-Currency Conversion combine to provide a clear understanding of your ad performance, adjusting for currency variations automatically.

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Mix of logos: Close, EasyDigitalDownloads, EasyPayDirect, Gumroad, Infusionsoft, Klaviyo, Konnektive, Linkedin, Memberpress, Mindbody, Ontraport, Pardot, Pintrest, Stickyio, Teachable, and Twitter

Seamless Integration

Unify Your Marketing Data

Effortlessly integrate with over 100 marketing platforms, ensuring a coherent financial view across all your advertising and sales channels.

Easy Setup

Activate in a Click

Simplify your metrics with a one-click activation. Start unifying your data in your chosen currency.

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Image Description: A dynamic dashboard display within SegMetrics, showcasing fluctuating currency values with a timestamp, highlighting the real-time accuracy of currency conversions.

Real-Time Accuracy

Trust Every Number

Experience the confidence of up-to-the-minute currency conversions, reflecting the latest market fluctuations for precise financial insights.

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