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New Feature: Analytic Insights

They told us that being locked in the SegMetrics office toiling away at new features would be bad for moral.…

New Feature: Zapier Integration

One of the biggest feature requests we receive from customers is that they want to track their sales in SegMetrics,…

[Update] Now Supporting Bing, Contact Journeys & Improved Cross-Domain Analytics

My uncle Ben always told me: "With great power comes great responsibility." Or maybe that was someone else. Oh well.…

[Update] SegMetrics Summer Feature Blowout

Summer this year has been hot and humid, which is why we've locked ourselves in the SegMetrics office, toiling away…

SegMetrics Update Version 2: Faster, Smoother, and Smarter Analytics

Over the past four months, our team has been hard at work researching and building a faster, more intuitive experience…

4 Tips To Boost Your Email List Quality

Quality will trump quantity when it comes to email lists. How can you boost the quality of your list?