Everyone Loves Evergreen Webinars. But do they Really Convert to Sales?

Evergreen Webinars are de rigueur for product marketing — especially to cold traffic. There are a number of online tools like EverWebinar for creating set-it-and-forget-it webinars that allow you to create and monetize webinars to your heart’s content. But do they work? This is part of our on-going series with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur […]

Using the Stair-Step Model for Landing Pages that Work

You’ve heard the stats. All the way back in 1997 Nielsen showed that people don’t read online – they scan. And that’s only gotten worse. Today, you have about 8 seconds to capture a user’s attention on your website. The human attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. Despite this, many websites […]

How Upsell Funnels Are Like Printing Free Money

As a marketer, you have a bucket list of tactics to try — things that you’ll get to one day. The challenge is which tactics will be the most effective, with the least effort. The proverbial “low-hanging fruit.” You know that in order for a business to thrive, it needs to sell more than one […]

The One Thing (Probably) Holding Your Marketing Funnels Back

So. You want more leads. You’ve spent a few months writing blog posts to boost your organic traffic and have spent money on advertising with Google, Facebook, and Twitter. You worked hard to create a smashing opt in — an assessment that’s tailored carefully to your dream audience. But… something isn’t working. People are coming to […]

How SegMetrics Fed Dr. Axe Insights for A Healthier Product Development Roadmap

SUMMARY The Client Axe Wellness ( is one of the most successful health blogs around. They offer a ton of actionable advice. They have well-tested and high-converting lead magnets that deliver their users high-impact content on fitness, natural remedies, diet and overall health. The problem is their team had no way to measure lead value… […]

How to Build an Advertising Sales Funnel: The $200K Case Study

If you’re a longtime reader, you know the power of a good email nurture sequence and you even know how to create one using the hero’s journey to build a highly effective marketing funnel. Those articles have lots of detail about how you can take a cold lead, who hasn’t heard of you before, and […]

The Lead Gen Tool You Can Learn from Seventeen Magazine

Picture this… You launch a new marketing tool that your prospects are so excited about that it gets shared with all their friends. This new tool goes way beyond the classic lead form — prospects aren’t just willing to share a name and email address, they happily tell you what they ate for breakfast, their […]

What We Learned Analyzing 43 Million Leads and $2.6 Billion in Sales

Here at SegMetrics, we help our customers understand their marketing funnels — where people come from, what they buy, and what turns leads into customers. This gives us unparalleled access to a treasure-trove of analytic data on what type of messaging people respond to, and how leads act in direct marketing email funnels. With our […]

The Secret Behind Star Wars & How it Can Improve Your Emails

Like many heroes at the beginning of their quests, our hero starts out as nothing special. He lives on a farm or under the stairs or in a hobbit hole. Until something changes. Luke receives a message from Leia. Harry Potter receives his letter from Hogwarts. Bilbo has a wizard show up at his door. […]