[Update] SegMetrics Summer Feature Blowout

Keith Perhac
Founder @ SegMetrics

Summer this year has been hot and humid, which is why we’ve locked ourselves in the SegMetrics office, toiling away to bring you new features and improvements.

Read on to see the new features available in your account right now as well as a couple of beta features and our upcoming roadmap!

1) Introducing Report Dashboards

You can now build custom report dashboards with the exact metrics and tables you need to keep your pulse on the KPIs for your business.

The Report Dashboard is a super-powered version of the previous Metrics Dashboard, and allows you to create multiple dashboards, add tables, graphs and even custom HTML widgets.


As an added bonus, by enabling “Report Sharing” in your account settings you can share your dashboards with anyone in your company, even if they don’t have a SegMetrics account.

These sharable dashboards are also status-board read, and are are designed to be displayed as office dashboards with auto-refreshing features.

Check out your custom dashboards, here:

2) AdWords Support

In addition to our existing Facebook ad tracking, we’ve added AdWords support to the SegMetrics family.

Simply connect your AdWords account, make sure the SegMetrics tracking snippet is installed, and start getting your real ROI from your ad spend.

3) Automatic Tracking Installation for Facebook

2 Weeks ago Facebook discontinued their Dynamic Ad Parameters.

Dynamic Ad Parameters were similar to AdWords link templates and allowed you to use custom tags that would auto-populate when the ad was clicked. This allowed you to simplify your ad tracking so that utm_campaign={{}} would be automatically updated with the correct value for each ad.


Since we can no longer include the ad-tracking snippet through Facebook, we’ve released a tool that makes it easy for you to auto-update your ads with tracking information.

To enable it, go to your Facebook “Install Ad Tracking” screen, and click on “Auto-Update Facebook ad tracking.” This will update your Facebook ads with the correct ad tracking snippet.


If you want more control over which ads are updated, you can use the manual option, and only choose the ads you want updated.


4) Journey Tracking

One of our long-awaited features is our Journey Tracking, or as we call it internally, the “Track Everything” feature.

With Journey Tracking, you’re able to filter by every click and tracked page visit, to get a better view of what causes people to sign up for your list, and ultimately purchase.

Track users across multiple devices, and track all tagged links, through ads, emails, checkout and more.

5) Ignore Empty Invoices

Infusionsoft, for reasons unknown, creates an invoice when a credit card is declined during an order form purchase.

For many people this wasn’t an issue, but for a number of B2C marketers, some contacts could have upwards of 30 “fake” invoices.

Previously these empty invoices could be filtered out on a per-report basis, but since it’s such a prevalent issue with B2C Infusionsoft checkout, we’ve added a top-level option to ignore these fake invoices.

In your Account Settings, you can flip the switch to exclude all failed invoices from your revenue calculations. That will ignore any invoice without at least $0.01 payed towards the final price.


6) Local Timezone Reporting

For users outside of the US, we’ve added Timezone support for all reports.

Configuring your Timezone in the Account Settings will allow you to see all reports in your local timezone.


7) “Days Until Purchase” Report

In the Monetization report, we’ve added a new graph that shows the number of days it takes people on your list to purchase.

In addition to the existing “lead value over time,” this is a great way to determine cash flow and time to ROI for all of your nurture sequences.


Let’s look at what some of our beta features that will be coming out soon!

If you want access to any of the beta features, send us an email at!

– Funnel Reports
SegMetrics’ new Funnel Reports let you build out your own custom conversion funnels and measure conversion rate, revenue dropoff, order dropoff, and much more.

Funnel Reports are in final beta, and are looking to be released at the end of the month.


– Bing Ads Integration
We’ll be adding Bing Ad integration to our supported ad platforms by early September.

We’re always looking to improve!

With these new features, we hope that we’re giving you better insights and understanding into the numbers that make your business profitable.

We hope that you enjoy using SegMetrics as much as we enjoy working on them.

As always, if you have feature requests, or just want to drop us a line about the existing SegMetrics features, feel free to reach out to us at

Keith Perhac

Founder @ SegMetrics

Keith is the Founder of SegMetrics, and has spent the last decade working on optimizing marketing funnels and nurture campaigns.

SegMetrics was born out of a frustration with how impossibly hard it is to pull trustworthy, complete and actionable data out of his client's marketing tools.

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