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Ryan Johnson
Marketer @ SegMetrics

In this week’s Check This Out video, we explore the world of customer journey mapping with SegMetrics. Dive into how our platform can show you the paths your customers take to purchase and reveal opportunities to improve their experience. By integrating SegMetrics into your ad analytics and marketing strategy, you’ll gain actionable insights at every touchpoint. Want to see how it’s done? Watch the full video to master customer journey mapping with SegMetrics.

Video: “Streamline Your Customer Journey Mapping with SegMetrics”

Summary of Video

  • Discover how to leverage SegMetrics for detailed customer journey mapping.
  • Learn to identify and analyze key touchpoints within your customer’s journey.
  • Gain insights into improving customer experience and satisfaction through actionable data.
  • Understand the role of SegMetrics in bridging the gap between data collection and strategy implementation.
  • See real-life examples of how journey mapping on SegMetrics can transform your business insights.

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome back to SegMetrics. Today, we’re addressing a concern from Laura in Boston.

Laura’s e commerce business is seeking effective tools and practices for mapping and understanding customer journeys.

Laura, let’s make sense of your customer paths.

Mapping your customer’s journey is crucial. It helps you understand how customers are interacting with your business. and identify potential roadblocks that might be preventing them from making a purchase.

By gaining insights into your customer’s journey, you can enhance their experience, boost their customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase conversions. But you might be wondering, how can we effectively track our customer’s journey? Well, with SegMetrics, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips.

Understanding the customer journey is crucial to refining your marketing, and SegMetrics offers a tailored dashboard dedicated to optimizing that journey. Reports like Conversion Velocity and Lead Value Cohorts makes it easier to trace how people transition from first time site visitors to customers.

A key component of this dashboard is the Customer Journey Funnel. It maps out a detailed view of the five stages a customer goes through. Awareness, Acquisition,

What sets it apart is its ability to break down these stages by customer sources, offering a clear view of which channels are most effective and which ones aren’t living up to their potential.

To delve deeper into this, check out our guide on utilizing the Lifecycle Report for Better Customer Journey Mapping, and our article, Improving Customer Experience, a step by step guide.

These resources will give you a solid foundation in customer journey mapping.

Thanks for tuning in. And remember, a well understood customer journey paves the way for a well designed customer experience. Let SegMetrics be your guide.

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Ryan Johnson

Marketer @ SegMetrics

Ryan Johnson is a content strategist and product marketing manager with over 15 years experience bringing brands and products to life with integrated editorial and sales collateral, value-based messaging, and GTM strategies.

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