Track 100% Of Your Traffic, With the Self-Hosted Pixel

Stop letting ad blockers disrupt your data. SegMetrics’ Self-Hosted Pixel upgrades your tracking to bypass ad blockers, so you can see data about 100% of your visitors.

Report on every visitor

Stop losing data to ad blockers

43% of people use ad blockers, which can stop analytics tools or tracking pixels from loading

Fill the gap in your RoAS

Many Ad blockers let users see “approved” ads, but still block tracking pixels and conversions

Report on every visitor

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iOS 14+ aren't the only thing wrecking your data

iOS issues have had all the attention, so it’s easy to forget that ad blockers also cause major tracking blindspots.

Many block all off-site scripts such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels. That means you could be missing up to 43% of your traffic.


No more untracked ad traffic

Ad blockers can allow approved adverts, such as search ads or sponsored posts, but then block tracking pixels. That leaves you spending money on traffic without the ability to measure return on ad spend.


Monitor every sale with the Self-Hosted Pixel

SegMetrics’s self-hosted pixel revives your analytics reliability, tracking online conversions no matter what device, browser or extensions your customers use.

How does it work?

Put simply, our self-hosted pixel helps your tracking data dress the part. And that makes all the difference.  

Ad blockers are like a simple security guard, if you’re wearing the company uniform they let you pass.

With a simple addition to your website’s DNS records — and the Self-Hosted Pixel itself — SegMetrics’ tracking looks like a core part of your website, hiding in plain sight.

Since ad blockers won’t stop data from going back to the hosting domain (aka: your website), you get about 100% of your data. 

Better Together...

You’ll love how easy it is to get the data you want

SegMetrics gives you robust visitor tracking with our self-hosted pixel — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Explore our many features to help you uncover actionable marketing insights.

Advanced Lead Tracking

Get insights on leads from any traffic source. Track every customer from first-click to opt-in, through any emails, and to every purchase.

Ad Attribution

Marketing reports shouldn’t be black box figures. See transparent data on the real revenue generated by your ads.

Customer Journey

Uncover where people enter your funnel and how they moved through it, with fully transparent data about every step.


Still no issues from iOS shenanigans

Just like the standard SegMetrics tracking, the Self-Hosted pixel follows the best practices set by privacy protections such as Apple’s ATT. That means you still get improved tracking of visitors on iOS, as well as the upgraded ad blocker avoidance.


Combining the best of pixel & server-side tracking

 SegMetrics combines the best elements of javascript and server-side tracking. Get access to consistent tracking of every visitor and purchase, all with one simple code snippet.

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