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Don’t let adblockers disrupt your data, with the new Self-Hosted Pixel

In an age where some websites shove in more ads than halftime at the Superbowl, it’s understandable that 43% of…

Track Hardcore Scaling Method With Segmetrics
How to track Frank Kern’s HARDCORE SCALING method with SegMetrics

Want to take your funnels to the next level? Well, we would highly recommend you check out Fran Kern’s Hardcore…

Tripwire 101
Tripwires 101, aka stop with the free stuff

Getting lots of leads but few sales? Or people who are getting sticker shock at your prices? Well, a tripwire…

Open Rates Are Dead
Great News, Open Rates are Dead!

We’re very excited here at SegMetrics to hear that open rates are the next victim of iOS updates. It’s a…

Looking past the purchase: how to test the best ways for increasing customer value

It’s a simple calculation really, number of customers × spend per customer = revenue Yet it can still lead us…

Thomas Smale
Turning a college hustle into a successful business – with Thomas Smale

This week, Keith sat down with Thomas Smale, the CEO and founder of FE International, a top-ranked global M&A advisor of SaaS,…

Offline Conversions
How to Cut Your CPA by 24% Using Advanced AI Training

Increasing traffic is no longer enough It’s the core challenge of every digital marketer; more sales for less money. There…

5 Advanced Ways to Maximize your RoAS

Once you have followed the generic advice around match types and automated bidding, it's easy to feel lost about how…

ad platform, automations
Apple-Proof Your Attributions (While Cutting Your CPA)

Ad platform automations are great…so long as they're receiving good data. Facebook and Google can currently measure basic goals in…

Google and iOS14.5 – What it means for advertisers

Because running profitable ads isn’t challenging enough, Apple has got the marketing world in a spin with the App Tracking…

ad platform, automations
Stop Training Your Ad Campaigns With Second Rate Data

Ad platform automations are great… if you’re an E-comm expecting visitors to buy immediately. Everyone else is left training the…

How eCommerce Marketers Restore Their Profit Margins with SegMetrics

Ecommerce is brutal. Between climbing ad costs and narrowing profit margins, it keeps getting harder to turn a profit. Facebook…

Seg vs GA: Comparing funnel and website analytics

As a marketer it’s pretty certain you use Google Analytics. It’s the swiss army knife of marketing tools, used to…

identifying wasted ad budget
How an online course entrepreneur found her funnel’s flaws with SegMetrics

Sam has an online music course that she has been running for 4 years. The market has become increasingly crowded,…

The iOS14 Update – What it means for digital marketers

As if 2020 wasn’t crazy enough, last June Apple announced that iOS14 would include a new App Tracking Transparency framework…