5 Best Email Providers for Agencies by SegMetrics

Vanessa Copley

Email providers for agencies are a hot topic today – especially as deliverability becomes an increasingly difficult beast to manage, and email service providers are making it harder to get your message into the inbox – let alone, getting that message open and read.

Choosing the right email provider for your agency is critical decision. At SegMetrics, we connect with many different providers, and can help you to uncover the hidden profits in your campaigns with our top notch accurate attribution from within your campaigns. Read on for our top 5 email providers for agencies.

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the premier email provider for agencies, integrating with SEO services and social media. With a monthly fee starting at just $20/month, this tool is accessible for small businesses and startups. They offer email marketing, social media marketing, marketing automation and contact growth as core pillars within their service scope. Their CRM is an offering by SharpSpring, and not native to Constant Contact, but still a solid and effective CRM, allowing you to connect directly to ad media.

ADVANTAGES: Cost-effective and accessible to start-ups.

DISADVANTAGES: Can’t customize templates and forms as much as others on this list.

2. Mailchimp

Whether you have one user or a million, Mailchimp scales to fit your business. With over 6 million users and counting, Mailchimp’s powerful features, ease of use, and pricing make it an unbeatable value. Mailchimp offers the ability to build and send emails, social ads, landing pages, postcards, and more from one place. You can also build a website and launch and online store with Mailchimp and its many simple to use templates.

ADVANTAGES: Affordable, but their free version is a little limited on features.

DISADVANTAGES: Lots of templates and integrations, may be bit overwhelming to users.

3. AWeber

AWeber allows you to split test, ensuring your message is reaching the right people, at the right time. (Make sure to use a Split Test Calculator to confirm the results of your test.) Historically, AWeber has been one of the top options for agency owners and email marketers of all types and sizes. Its features are simple and user friendly, making it easy to use without any special training. It also offers reliable service and a long history in the email marketing arena, which helps give it a reputation as one the best options out there.

ADVANTAGES: High quality customer support, free trial, lots of templates and an easy email designer.

DISADVANTAGES: Not as many font choices as others in this list for emails, and unmailable contacts count toward billable contacts.

4. ActiveCampaign 

ActiveCampaign is perfect for agencies looking for a sleek interface and powerful features. ActiveCampaign offers a top notch email builder and designer, as well as a funnel creator with powerful automation options that allow you to build email funnels, marketing funnels, sales pipelines and more. The deals function allows users to create deal stages for sales tracking, and ActiveCampaign offers customizable tags, fields, and many features to make automation a breeze. ActiveCampaign is a great email service provider for agencies.

ADVANTAGES: Lots of templates, easy to use and appealing interface, high quality customer support.

DISADVANTAGES: Cost is higher than other options on this list but still very affordable compared to other email marketing solutions out there.

5. Keap 

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is a versatile and advantageous email service provider for agencies and powerful CRM. Keap offers a partner program that an agency can participate in that allows them to sell the application to clients for clients to use in their marketing. As a Keap Certified Partner, an agency can create any number of templates, campaigns, forms and so on and use these as replicatable items easily pushed to client apps and then customizable for each client’s branding and voice.

ADVANTAGES: Easy to use, attractive templates and design, great customer support. Their campaign builder interface is also one of the best in the industry or the visual mapping of your campaigns.

DISADVANTAGES: In the lighter versions of Keap, many key features are removed that experienced users find invaluable. The Max Classic version is the most powerful, but the highest cost.

SegMetrics integrates easily with these email providers for agencies, and many more. Using SegMetrics in conjunction with your agency’s email provider, you can get clarity into your data, optimize your marketing to increase your revenue, and bank on the winners you find in your data. SegMetrics also offers an agency portal to track your many client’s analytics in one place. Create customizable, beautiful reports that share with the click of a button, create templates to deliver uniform data to your clients and wow them with your ability to increase their conversions and lower their costs using SegMetrics deep analytics. Get started with Segmetrics for Agencies today!

Vanessa Copley


Vanessa Copley is a business automation specialist and the founder of Custom Client Journey. She specializes in client journey management and bringing the human touch to your automated experience. In her free time, she enjoys reading fantasy and horror novels, practicing Tang Soo Do and spending time with her amazing children, the love of her life, and their 15 birds and 2 dogs.

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