How to Track Email Opens in Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder

While Infusionsoft gives great reporting on broadcast emails, and individual emails sent out, it can be difficult to get open rates from the Campaign Builder. In fact, traditionally the only way to track email opens in an auto-responder sequence is to pull a pivot table from the email reports. At least until now — with […]

Stop Mining Data (And Let Customers Tell You What They Want)

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. It’s true in many situations – including your marketing. How can you personalize your customer’s experience if you don’t know what they need? Understanding your customers is crucial, but with customer insight comes digging through piles of data to find who’s doing what and what that means for […]

5 Ways to Get More Value Out of Your Launch Without Changing Your Plan

The end of the year brings challenges only info-marketers can understand. Whether you’re launching your own product, working for another company’s product launch, or consulting with clients on the eve of their launches, there’s a lot of stress in December. (Seriously, you have stress-eating crumbs all over your keyboard.) We’ve survived dozens of December/January launches, […]