Welcome to the SegMetrics Summer Sale (Get up to 4 months free)

Keith Perhac
Founder @ SegMetrics

Welcome to the SegMetrics Summer Sale! Starting today (August 3rd) and running until August 15th, you can save 20-33% on SegMetrics Intelligence!

  • Save 20% for six months when you select monthly billing
  • Get four month free when you select annual billing ( 🤑)

Your special discount will apply when your billing starts (after your 14-day free trial). If you start your SegMetrics Intelligence trial today (or before August 15th at 5 pm PST), you’ll see this discount applied to your billing. 

When you set up a new SegMetrics Intelligence account, you’ll get the following: 

  • A 14-day trial of SegMetrics, so you can connect your marketing integrations and get your data flowing into SegMetrics before your billing starts.
  • A complimentary Data Setup Call to review your integrations and confirm that SegMetrics is receiving your pixel and integrations data correctly.
  • A complimentary Training Call to review your attribution, uncover hidden funnel leaks, and teach you new ways to optimize your marketing using SegMetrics.

Ready to get started and give SegMetrics Intelligence a try? You can browse see what’s include with each of our plans or sign up for a 14-day free trial of SegMetrics Intelligence (your discount will be automatically applied when you use the links on this page).

This special Summer discount is available starting August 3rd and will vanish on August 15th at 5 pm PST. (Don’t delay!)

Maybe you’re wondering, “But why does SegMetrics make sense for my needs?”

There are a lot of options out there for tracking your marketing and advertising data, including using ‘the other guys,’ rolling your own marketing/advertising tracking system, or doing nothing.

So, what makes SegMetrics Intelligence stand out from these alternatives? Here are some of the features that our customers repeatedly call out as their favorite:

Customer Journey Reporting

Each time a lead interacts with your business, they give you data: they attended this webinar, signed up for this sequence, or clicked on this ad.

The impact of your marketing depends on how easy it is to quickly gather the key metrics that clarify what’s working for your audience. SegMetrics automatically tracks this lead data – every purchase, page visit, clicked email, and more – and lets you see it all for an individual contact with the click of a button. 

Read more about Customer Journey Reporting.

People-Centric Segmentation

SegMetrics connects directly to your email marketing platform or CRM, letting you filter your contacts based on human attributes, including custom fields and tags. Plus, SegMetrics’ people-centric reporting approach automatically connects contacts based on email address, phone number, IP address, and more, eliminating duplicate contact records.

Use our powerful Clarity Analytics Engine to discover individuals on your list who have accomplished any of the marketing touchpoints or attributes that make up your customer journey, like: 

  • Clicking on an ad
  • Attending a webinar
  • Participating in a sales call
  • Receiving an email sequence
  • If someone is a cat enthusiast or dog devotee

Read more about People-Centric Segmentation.

Pre-Built and Custom Dashboards

SegMetrics is loaded with dashboards and reports to help you instantly uncover your critical marketing KPIs. Dig into the data with our six flexible, out-of-the-box dashboards with multiple reports, and then build ideal overviews for you or your team with our custom dashboards. 

Use custom dashboards to gather the graphs, tables, and metrics that matter most and stay up-to-date with your business. Read more about Pre-Built and Custom Dashboards

Comprehensive Customer Support

SegMetrics clients love our complimentary Data Setup Calls and Training Calls. We encourage every SegMetrics customer to get onto these complimentary calls to get the most out of SegMetrics. (We’ve crunched the numbers and confirmed that our customers who attend the Data Setup Call and SegMetrics Training Call get the biggest impact with SegMetrics.)

Read more about Comprehensive Customer Support

But don’t just take our word for it; read testimonials from our customers!

We’re delighted to have worked with companies large and small to help them optimize their marketing. Read on for a short selection of testimonials from our customers:  

It’s not enough for us to just track our ads right after the first click because someone may convert 6 months later. SegMetrics has made a huge difference in our ability to track what we are actually getting from our paid ads. We can even track the impact individual salespeople are having during the sales process. We believe in SegMetrics and are very grateful to Keith and his team for making such a great platform for us to use.

 — Brendan Dubbels, Senior Partner Manager, Ontraport

SegMetrics gives you X-Ray vision to reveal what your customers are doing, how your marketing funnel is working… and how to make it work better.

 — Eben Pagan, Founder, Eben Pagan Training

We needed a way to track which leads were producing income. I like being able to see what tags/leads are resulting in income, and the lifetime value of clients who enter through different funnels and it’s great to see all of our revenue and leads in one place.

Joe Daniel, Founder, Joe Daniel Football

SegMetrics has greatly helped us identify the Ads/Channels that we should focus our ad $$ on. We have a long sales cycle so it has really helped us see what is going on in the customer journey from start to finish. Great tool for us!

Kevin McQuin, Owner, Glass Shower Direct


You can just see everything that you want to see without having to dig into the details or look up any numbers on a daily basis. You just automatically have them ping on your dashboard. It’s nice to have the big picture and then be able to get directly into a more detailed view when you need it.

Kathleen Pince, Project Manager, REWW

SegMetrics is perfect for digital training businesses like ours. What we love most is the variety of native integrations — SegMetrics is the only reporting dashboard that features connections to SamCart, Facebook, MemberPress and ActiveCampaign (among others!). Since switching to SegMetrics, we’ve been able to rely on our dashboard in ways we just couldn’t with ‘the other guys’. As an added bonus: their webinars are better than most paid training.

— Joanna Wiebe, Founder, CopyHackers

Start Your Free Trial Today — And Get Up To Four Months Free!

From today until August 15th (at 5 pm PST), you can get up to four months free on SegMetrics Intelligence!

  • Save 20% for six months when you sign up for SegMetrics Intelligence and select monthly billing
  • Get four months free when you sign up for SegMetrics Intelligence and select annual billing 

Ready to get started and give SegMetrics Intelligence a try? You can browse our plans here or sign up for a 14-day free trial of SegMetrics Intelligence. Your discount will be applied when your billing starts. 

p.s., Do you have questions about SegMetrics, if we integrate with your marketing tools, or if we’ll work for your business?

Schedule a demo and meet with one of our marketing optimization experts to talk through your business and if SegMetrics can help. If you schedule a demo and start your trial before August 15th, we’ll apply this special discount to your account.

Keith Perhac

Founder @ SegMetrics

Keith is the Founder of SegMetrics, and has spent the last decade working on optimizing marketing funnels and nurture campaigns.

SegMetrics was born out of a frustration with how impossibly hard it is to pull trustworthy, complete and actionable data out of his client's marketing tools.

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