Discover how each visitor goes from curious to customer

SegMetrics doesn’t limit you to bulk analysis. Uncover where people enter your funnel and how they moved through it, with fully transparent data about every step.

Market to individuals, not numbers

Humanize your marketing

Connect with your individual customers and see exactly who you’re selling to.

Investigate big spenders

Dive into the journeys of your big spenders to learn what makes better customers.

Ditch the Black Boxes

See the people included in any report, where they came from, and how much they spent.

Enrich your contact data

Combine custom data from all of your systems for powerful report segmentation.

Market to individuals, not numbers

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Connect with the people behind your marketing reports

Marketing should be about building relationships with individuals, not fixating on bulk statistics. SegMetrics shows you the people included in any report, who you can then click into for their full journey details.

“Understanding your customer journey is hard to see. SegMetrics is like putting on night vision goggles for your marketing data. All of a sudden you can see the full picture of a customer journey. It’s powerful!”

Wes Bush — Founder, Product Led


Learn how to attract more big spenders

Learn how your best customers discovered your business and how they moved through your funnel.

SegMetrics shows you their journey over months or years, so you can optimize your marketing towards the customers with the highest lifetime values.

How does it work?

SegMetrics saves the ad_ID and spend data for each new contact in your CRM or email system. 

That means every purchase that customer makes can be linked back to their original traffic source, even if they clear cookies or change devices. And with a direct connection to your marketing tools, double attribution becomes a thing of the past.

Better Together...

You’ll love how easy it is to get the data you want​

SegMetrics gives you powerful customer journey reporting so you can understand customer behavior at each step of your funnel — and that’s just the beginning. Explore our many features to help you uncover hidden profits. 

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Dig into the data with flexible reports, then build ideal overviews for you or your team with our custom dashboards.

Ad Attribution

Marketing reports shouldn’t be black box figures. See transparent data on the real revenue generated by your ads.

MOF Engagement Analytics

SegMetrics breaks down which lead actions inspire sales, so you can fine-tune your funnel at each individual step.


Diagnose issues with your other marketing tools

If your other marketing tools are reporting suspicious results then use SegMetrics to diagnose the issue.


Transparent data can uncover issues such as misapplied tags, broken funnel steps or double-counted sales.


Create meaningful segmentation with custom data

SegMetrics brings in custom data from all of your other systems. Record contact attributes such as background or experience level then use them as segments in any report to uncover what your best customers have in common.

7D Tracking

Build consistent customer histories with our 7D Tracking

SegMetrics joins the data together through every funnel step, without the usual issues such as iOS, expiring cookies or switching devices.


Our 7D tracking means that every report is build on these customer journeys, so you can truly optimize your sales funnels.

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