Instantly Uncover Your Critical Marketing KPIs

Segmetrics Essential Reporting gives you insight into your funnels and critical marketing numbers with six out-of-the-box reports just waiting for your marketing data.

Connect your integrations, import your data, and view your prebuilt reports. It’s that easy to get actionable insight. 

Simplified Access to Business Metrics

Personalize with your Industry

Personalize your reports with KPIs relevant to your industry, including: e-Commerce, SaaS, Infoproducts, and coaching.

Choose your Segmentation

Segment by any custom field you’re storing in your CRM, including demographics, source, and more.

View Your Reports

Essentials comes pre-packaged with six marketing reports critical to your business and industry.

Optimize, Optimize!

Use the data in your reports to optimize each step of your marketing and funnels.

Simplified Access to your Key Business Metrics

Trusted by 3,000+ Digital Marketers

Instantly See How Your Different Channels Work Together

Break down your traffic and conversion by different attribution models, see how your campaigns perform and get the ROI data you need to optimize your top-of-funnel marketing.

“SegMetrics gives you X-Ray vision to reveal what your customers are doing, how your marketing funnel is working… and how to make it work better.”

Eben Pagan — Founder, Eben Pagan Training


Track From Curious To Customer

SegMetrics Essentials collects consistent data about every visitor with our 7D tracking, which you can further upgrade with server-side tracking. 

Avoid the usual hassle from iOS or ad blockers, attributing every purchase back to the ad or traffic source, with easy-to-understand data with Essentials’ pre-configured reports.

“We added SegMetrics to see if it could find answers to questions a client’s had for over a year and that couldn’t be put off any longer. It could, and did so within about 30 seconds.”

Michelle Warner — Strategy Consultant

Better Together...

You’ll love how easy it is to get the data you want​

SegMetrics gives you best in class reporting with our plug-and-play Essentials Reporting — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Explore our many features to help you uncover actionable marketing insights.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports give you the power to find exactly what works so that you can improve your marketing.

Funnel Optimization

Test how changes to any touchpoint affects the LTV. Because attribution isn’t only for ad clicks.

Offline Conversions

Train the Ad AIs by feeding them online, offline, in-person, and over the phone conversion data.


One-click to view your subscription KPIs

SegMetrics Essentials’ tell-all Subscription Report lets you go beyond standard MRR and top-level metrics and understand how different cohorts and customer segments perform over time.

Uncover the customer segments that produce your best customers, and increase your MRR through ruthlessly optimizing churn using this report in SegMetrics Essentials.


Find the optimum upsell combinations for your customers

Split test upsells and offers to maximize your revenue. SegMetrics Essentials collects your order data directly from your payment processor and sends that information right into the pre-built Sales Report.

View your top products, bundles, revenue collection, order breakdown, and more – and use that data to find the perfect upsell or downsell combination for your leads.

Auto Segmentation

Optimize for human attributes with auto segments

Marketing data should be about the real attributes that define your customer types. Whether it’s their aim, their profession or their experience level, SegMetrics Essentials will show you insights about each group.

Each Essentials report breaks down the data using auto segments, based on the data that’s important to YOUR business.

It gives you the power to optimize for people, not just vague groupings like traffic sources or campaigns.

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Find your most profitable lead sources, scale what works and kill what doesn’t.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are