What’s new with SegMetrics? (August ’23 Edition)

Vanessa Copley

It’s time for a fresh round of SegMetrics updates. In the PNW, Summer is turning into Fall, the kids are headed back to school, and Black Friday Cyber Monday is around the corner.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the latest updates for SegMetrics.

Product Updates

Improved Customer Journey Page: Enhanced Click Attribution and Order Grouping

We took the Customer Journey page in SegMetrics and spiffied it up a bunch.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Click Attribution in Contact History: You can now see individual clicks on contact records on the Contact History page. See which individual marketing touchpoints influenced your customer’s actions.
  • Grouped Purchases: Purchases made in the same order are now grouped together for cleaner and more intuitive viewing. Instead of sifting through multiple scattered purchases, you can quickly view all the items a customer purchase in a single order in one place on their Customer Journey page.
  • Enriched Click Information: We’ve enriched the details available about each click in the Customer Journey. Now you can see additional info like IP address, geo location, and more.

→ Explore Customer Journey Tracking

Added ‘Focus’ Clicking to the Multi-Touch Attribution Chart

With the launch of our Essentials reports, we introduced our multi-touch Web Attribution report. But at times it could be challenging to read a particular path. With this update, you can now click to lock in touch points and focus in on an entire customer journey. Unselected points have a dimmed background, selected ‘focus’ points have a darker background and a lock icon.

→ Read about our Essentials Reports

Reports Now Automatically Generate Permanent Bookmark-able Links

We’re updated how report URLs are crafted in SegMetrics.

Now, each report you build will have a permanent bookmark-able and shareable link. You can easily save, revisit, and share specific report configurations with your entire team, without needing to rebuild the report or adjust filters and settings each time.

And yes, that means you can safely bookmark your favorite SegMetrics reports and come back to them later 😌.

New Integrations

Zoho CRM

We’re excited to announce a new integration with Zoho CRM! Our new Zoho integration lets you easily sync your customer and sales data and automatically import contacts, deals, and campaign interactions from Zoho CRM into SegMetrics.

This integration is live now and available to all SegMetrics users in the integrations settings page.

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Customer Love

See what some of our customers have been saying about us recently.

Linx Digital recorded a review of SegMetrics, where they called us “The BEST Tool to Track Ads Performance.” They created a great review of SegMetrics’ features, reporting, and dashboards.

You can watch that video here:

What’s Next for SegMetrics?

Our developers are hard at work on some new and exciting SegMetrics features. Some of the new features coming down the pipeline that you might see sometime soon include:

  • Connect multiple CRMs to your SegMetrics account. Do you use multiple CRMs or email marketing platforms to track your customer data? Soon you’ll be able to connect multiple CRMs to your SegMetrics account and import all of that data.
  • Improved onboarding flow for new SegMetrics accounts. Our developer Jason L. is finishing up an optimized reworking of the new user onboarding flow.
  • Logging for your SegMetrics account. Ever wondered who made that change to a report or dashboard? Soon you (or your account admin) will be able to see this information.

We’ll see you next month!

Vanessa Copley


Vanessa Copley is a business automation specialist and the founder of Custom Client Journey. She specializes in client journey management and bringing the human touch to your automated experience. In her free time, she enjoys reading fantasy and horror novels, practicing Tang Soo Do and spending time with her amazing children, the love of her life, and their 15 birds and 2 dogs.

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