Introducing SegMetrics AI Insights

Vanessa Copley

Your new tool for clear, actionable marketing insights

Our new AI Insights feature is designed to help you turn your, your client’s, or your agency’s marketing and advertising data into straightforward, actionable steps. 

What’s included with AI Insights?

  • One-Click Insights. Instantly get 3-5 tailored insights. 
  • GPT-Powered Analysis. Utilize Open AI’s advanced models. 
  • Contextual Understanding. Get nuanced insight, not just numbers. 

AI Insights is now available for our Intelligence, Business, and Enterprise plans. (Not included in SegMetrics Essentials.)

How to get started with AI Insights on your account

If you’re a SegMetrics customer, then AI Insights is live and available in your account today for your team. Just click the “Insights” button at the top of each report. 

If you aren’t a SegMetrics customer, start a 14-day free trial of our Intelligence, Business, or Enterprise plan and get immediate access to AI Insights. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts as you explore AI Insights. And your feedback will help us make this feature even better. 

Vanessa Copley


Vanessa Copley is a business automation specialist and the founder of Custom Client Journey. She specializes in client journey management and bringing the human touch to your automated experience. In her free time, she enjoys reading fantasy and horror novels, practicing Tang Soo Do and spending time with her amazing children, the love of her life, and their 15 birds and 2 dogs.

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