Half of Your Marketing Is Wasted. Do You Know Which Half?

Let me guess… You’ve been staring at your marketing numbers for hours — maybe even days. Your eyes have gone blurry and you can feel a headache coming on. But you’re still no closer to knowing what you need to know. You still aren’t sure which parts of your marketing are working… and which are […]

SegMetrics Update Version 2: Faster, Smoother, and Smarter Analytics

Over the past four months, our team has been hard at work researching and building a faster, more intuitive experience for SegMetrics. With improved analytics, faster load times, more reporting features, and a beautifully redesigned interface, SegMetrics 2 makes it easier for you to improve the value of your marketing funnels. Read on to get […]

Infusionsoft Marketing Success: 10+ Experts Share Their Knowledge

At Segmetrics, we have over a decade of experience helping marketers improve their campaign success with Infusionsoft. In that time, we’ve found that actionable advice on key marketing metrics to be one of the most heavily requested topics by our clients, readers, and customers. If you’re looking for actionable marketing advice, then you should take notes […]

How SegMetrics can earn John Lee Dumas an extra $221,075

John Lee Dumas sold an impressive $2,137,739 in online courses in 2015. But did Infusionsoft’s lacking analytics cause EOFire to leave money on the table? In this article, we’ll show how John Lee Dumas can use SegMetrics, our analytics software for Infusionsoft, to add at least 6 figures of revenue to his business. John Lee […]

4 Critical Metrics Hiding in Your Infusionsoft Account (and How To Uncover Them)

Over 40,000 users have signed up for Infusionsoft, and it’s understandable why. Infusionsoft provides businesses with a stellar way to automate their marketing. Unfortunately, trying to extract data from Infusionsoft can be challenging. And trying to extract the exact data you actually need to grow your business? Nearly impossible. If you’re one of the many […]