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Introducing the Clarity Analytics Engine

We’re excited to announce the private release of SegMetrics' new analytics engine, Clarity, based on Hammerstone’s Refine builder. The SegMetrics…

Are you prepared for Black Friday? 5 advanced details to double check

2021 seems like it only finished moments ago, yet somehow we’re almost ready for Black Friday 2022. November as always…

Where Most People Go Wrong When Split Testing

There’s a lot of information out there about split testing; after all, if there’s one thing marketers like to do,…

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There is no secret recipe for choosing the right online advertising platform for your SaaS company, but it can pay…

Advanced Tagging: 5 Ways to Uncover Deep Insights Using Contact Tags

Very few people realize just how powerful an advanced tagging strategy can be. Sure, you can use them to define…

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6 Info Product Ads Platforms to Promote Your Digital Products

Creating Info product ads and promoting your info product online is a great way to get it in front of…

5 Info Products General Tools for Creating an Online Informational Product Successfully

Debuting a successful online product is all about having a plan and the right info product general tools to create…

4 Types of Ecomm General Tools to Revolutionize Your Business

In 2022, ecommerce sales this year are expected to reach nearly $5.5 trillion dollars(1). That's an unprecedented number, with many…

Are You Using All These Ecomm Ads Platforms to Promote your Business?

In Ecommerce there are two rules.  The first rule of successful ecommerce is to provide a product or products that…

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5 Sales Email Providers that Help You Reach More Customers

Reaching your client base is a top concern for many businesses - as email rules change, ESPs make it increasingly…

General Coaching Tools: 5 Software Tools You Need to Create a Successful Online Coaching Business

Creating a successful online coaching business is difficult, but there are certainly many coahing general tools that you can use…

5 Payment Providers for InfoProducts – What You Need to Know to Make a Choice

Payment providers for infoproducts are vitally important to your business if you want to succeed. You need to be able…

Revenue Attribution and B2B Sales with Steffen Hedebrandt – Data Beats Opinion

I am here today with Steffen Hildebrandt, the co-founder and CMO at Dreamdata, and we're going to talk about digital marketing, we're going to talk about revenue attribution, and everything in between.