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Our Clients
TrainAI Ico

Train the ad AIs to send you quality traffic

The ad AIs are only as good as the data they receive. So, use SegMetrics’ Conversion Feeder to tell Facebook and Google what they CAN’T see via the Conversion API. So you can better teach them to send traffic that matches your top buyers.

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AppleProof Ico

Apple-proof your marketing

Don’t let the latest iOS 17 shenanigans ruin your RoAS metrics. With 1st party cookies, server-side tracking, and advanced lead fingerprinting, you get LTV attribution that cooperates with Apple’s tracking requirements while still providing best-in-class attribution.

Apple-Proof Your Marketing — 30% off
AppleProof Img
Measure Ico

Measure the lifetime value from each campaign

Giving discounts is great for sales, but tough on profits. That’s why measuring the customer LTV from every campaign or sales event is crucial. Use our multi-purchase attribution to see which campaigns bring in long-term brand fanatics.

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Mystery Image

No more mystery numbers

SegMetric’s transparent tracking gets rid of the “black box” numbers from other ad platforms. For any report, get a list of every customer and every sale, so you can be confident that you’re improving your marketing in a meaningful way.