Flex Your Funnel
Using humanized metrics to supercharge your funnels

The only analytics tools that humanize your marketing to know what your ideal clients want and how to optimize selling to them.

Learn to go beyond bland top level figures, and instead optimize your funnels for real humans.

Introducing Humanized Analytics

Go beyond the faceless top level metrics and see how your best customers respond to your funnel

Your business exists to help individuals reach their goals, not to create soulless metrics like open rates and list size.

We hear from countless businesses who hate the usual heartless approach to marketing. They get turned off by vague numbers that feel disconnected from the customers they care about.

That’s why you need to learn humanized marketing, the approach for analyzing and optimizing your funnel for individuals.

Marketing should be about guiding valued prospects to their best decision, not worrying about faceless stats like average click rate.

Specially created for selling online courses and coaching

Flex Your Funnel teaches business owners the latest approach to optimizing their marketing. It is ideal for business owners or marketers who:

In this 3-week course, you will learn how to find the points where leads leak out of your funnel and find ways to best nurture them,  showing you a new approach to optimize your funnel.

Humanize your analytics:

How to treat customers as people, not statistics

There are three pillars to humanizing your analytics:

Identifiable people

Keep your valued customers as real people, complete with their name and tagged details, and even their photo where possible.

Individual journeys

See how individuals move through your funnel steps, instead of the usual vague averages and unrelated numbers.

Insightful segments

Group your data using segments that reflect meaningful attributes such as experience level, not tech details like their device.

When put together, you are able to get huge insights from your data. It becomes possible to answer questions such as “where are inexperienced vs experienced prospects leaking out of my funnel?”.

Introducing the Flex Your Funnel Course

The Flex Your Funnel course is the only place to learn about humanizing your data.

Here’s the program to learn to overhaul your funnels:

Week 1

Humanized data

INFO MISSING: keep your valued customers as real people, complete with their name and tagged details, and even their photo where possible.

Finding funnel leaks

INFO MISSING: keep your valued customers as real people, complete with their name and tagged details, and even their photo where possible.

Week 2

Week 3

Optimize for individuals

INFO MISSING: keep your valued customers as real people, complete with their name and tagged details, and even their photo where possible.

Humanizing your marketing doesn’t mean adding a person’s first name to an email message. It means learning about your individual customer, their marketing journey and why they buy.

But the hardest part is finding which segments you have, and how they perform.

This model of business allows you to get new marketing insights, easy identify best performers, special segments, and opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden.

Learn how to find insights with the Funnel Optimization Course.

When you sign up for the Flex Your Funnel Course, you will get the complete picture. You will get not only one of the most innovative and detailed marketing Analytics tools on the market today, SegMetrics, but you will also get the education necessary behind the tool for its effective and accurate use, and the marketing insights needed to serve your tribe.

We get it, you started your business for a reason.

There is a WHY behind what you do, and we want to support you in your mission of serving others. We want to share with you the necessary tools to make your business the most successful that it can be. It’s time to trick out your marketing.

Join Us for a

3 Week Funnel Optimization Experience

How We’ll Spend

The Next 3 Weeks Together

In the Flex Your Funnel course, we will teach you how to optimize your marketing by focusing on the outliers that make or break your business. Finding your most profitable leads so you can scale what works and get rid of the rubbish will help you increase the value of each individual person on their journey through your campaigns.

We lead you through not only a full setup of the SegMetrics platform but also training and analytic insight into your business so you can start improving your business in only 3 short weeks.

Week 1

Accurate Data Setup from Day 1

In your first week, you will:

Week 2

Optimizing Toward Success

In your second week, you will discover:

Week 3

Turning Visitors Into Leads, and Into Sales

In your third week, you will accomplish:

Today’s Special Only

You Get Everything:

Only $297

What Exactly Flex Your Funnel Will Walk You Through:

Step 1:

Getting your data set up, your tracking installed and everything configured properly.

Step 2:

Identify roadblocks to your success. Where are your leads failing? What do you want to optimize for?

Step 3:

Identify initial outliers and opportunities for improvement.

Step 4:

Training on how to ask smarter questions about your marketing, and then use SegMetrics to answer those questions and optimize your marketing.

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And get these valuable bonuses:

When you register today, you will also get individual guidance, as in a FREE session with one of our top marketing virtuosos, to provide you with expert guidance on setup, configuration, and marketing optimization.

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Get FREE Data Setup with one of our top SegMetrics Virtuosos to configure your data tracking and ensure everything is integrated correctly

Bonus #2

Expert Optimization Audit

Go through your funnel with our trained experts and identify your biggest opportunities for optimization and improvement. Learn how to analyze your specific funnel.

Bonus #3

1 Month FREE of SegMetrics ($500+ value)

We offer a 14 day free trial that comes with Segmetrics. However, for registrants of the Flex Your Funnel course, we are adding a free month in behind that 2 week free trial. You ultimately have 6 weeks to try SegMetrics for free.

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Special Guest Training by XXXX

We have an exciting guest teacher with us that will be training you on xxxx, xxxx, xxxx

Today’s Special Only

You Get Everything:

Only $297

Here’s everything you get
when you register today:

$1000 BONUS
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Today’s Special Only

You Get Everything:

Only $297

My 100% 30 Day
Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to feel safe and secure as you purchase Flex Your Funnel – no funny business here. When you complete my course, apply my techniques and have your data configured correctly, I can guarantee that you will learn insights that will grow your business and improve your marketing funnels.

To help you make an easy choice, I have two guarantees for you.

Guarantee #1

You get a 30 Day Window from the purchase of Flex Your Funnel to decide if this course has helped you to improve your business.

If you decide after 30 days that you are not satisfied, no problem.

Just let my team know, and we will give you your money back. No questions asked (but we would love if you would tell us why to help us improve!).

Guarantee #2

You get a full 6 weeks before your card is charged for your SegMetrics account.

That is 3x our normal trial length, because we want you to be able to take the time to go through the course and implement what you have learned.

You can cancel any time before that 6 weeks is up and you will not be charged.

If you participate in the Flex Your Funnel course and you don’t get the insights and improvements to help you increase your lead value and optimize your marketing, I’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

I offer you this promise so you can feel comfortable enrolling with SegMetrics, knowing you’ll have a great experience and get measurable results.

Now It’s Time To Join Me!

I invite you to take a leap and join me. Work through your funnel with me and my team, let us show you how to measure the success of your marketing objectives with real data, and how to humanize your marketing efforts to not only give your base the solution they need to their problem, but to create for you sustainable, repeatable growth with my methods.