How deeply do you understand your business?

The numbers that describe each piece of your business used to be locked and jumbled inside all your CRM, if they were captured at all. SegMetrics captures all of those numbers and makes it easy for you to sort, compare and analyze them. See your business in a whole new light.

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Discover how your marketing funnels really perform

Contact tags are the key to your marketing automation and audience segmentation. With SegMetrics, all of your tag data is instantly available and easy to analyze. Discover the real lead counts, conversion rates, revenue totals and more for each of your tags.

With SegMetrics, you can see how different segments of your business really perform

Combine and exclude tags for even deeper detail

SegMetrics’ Custom Segment Tool allows you to track multiple tags at once. Or zero in on one tag while excluding another. Drill down into the tag combination for the exact segment you want to track.

Combine and exclude tags to focus your analysis on the exact audience you want to track

Go beyond tags to really understand your business

There’s more to your leads and customers than how they’re tagged. SegMetrics also helps you analyze your leads and customers by campaign, source and referring URL. All of these are powerful strategies for finding what’s really working in your business. And all of them are built right into SegMetrics.

Analyzing your data by campaign, source and referring URL is the best way to determine your most profitable ads and lead sources

Combine tags, UTM parameters, lead sources and more for advanced analytics

SegMetrics goes as deep as you want to look. With our Custom Segment tool, you can mix-and-match any combination of tags, UTM parameters, referring URLs and products purchased. Analyze exactly who you want to analyze -- with the push of a button.

SegMetrics makes advanced data analysis fast, easy and fun

Save segments for easy tracking over time

Find a profitable segment you want to keep an eye on? No problem. SegMetrics lets you save any custom segment so you can watch how its key metrics evolve over time.

Save any custom segment and SegMetrics will let you track it right from the dashboard

Dive into your saved custom segments whenever you want

From the SegMetrics dashboard, you can click through for detailed reporting on any of your saved custom segments. This keeps your most important reports and profitable leads right at your fingertips.

All the data you want, when you want it

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