Where are your leads really coming from?

Let’s be frank: Infusionsoft’s lead source data can be pretty spotty. To make effective choices that will grow your business, you need to know where your leads and customers are really coming from. That’s exactly what SegMetrics will do for you.

Finally, lead source data you can trust

Stop fighting with Infusionsoft’s bad data. SegMetrics uses UTM tracking to give you high-integrity lead source data. Find out where your leads and customers are really coming from.

Uncover the true value of your lead sources

When you finally know where your leads are really coming from, exciting things happen.

SegMetrics helps you deeply analyze your lead sources. You can see which sources bring in the most leads, which convert the best, and which have the highest lifetime value. You can start focusing your time, effort and marketing budget on your proven winners and stop wasting another second or dollar on the dead ends.

See which sources are earning you the most money
You can set SegMetrics up in 5 minutes. So easy it's idiot-proof.

Easy set-up: copy, paste, done

SegMetrics is quick and easy to install. One snippet of JavaScript counts your leads, notes lead sources and tracks conversions.

Because SegMetrics is asynchronous, it won’t slow down your site. And because there’s nothing to set up in Infusionsoft, you don’t need to edit any of your existing forms. Plus, SegMetrics is compatible with Lead Pages, Click Funnels, and WordPress -- whatever you use to run your business.

Tap revenue sources you never knew about

It’s easy to monitor the lead sources you know about, but what about the ones you don’t?

SegMetrics tracks both paid and organic traffic. That means you may find high-converting sources you may not even know about. Plus, because SegMetrics tracks lifetime value -- and not just CTR or one-off sales -- you can find hidden revenue sources central to the bottom line of your business.

We've found EVERY business has at least 1 hidden traffic source that brings in a shockingly high amount of revenue

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