Do you know the critical metrics
driving your business?

If you’re relying on your CRM’s data, then the answer is no. With SegMetrics, you can finally track and analyze the critical metrics behind your business — from Day 1.

Watch how quickly your business grows

Track new lead growth

Calculating how many new leads you have in your CRM is tough. And how confident are you that the numbers you’re getting are accurate?

SegMetrics takes the guesswork out. You can accurately track the number of contacts added to your account every day, week, month and year. See how your marketing choices spike or stall your growth.

Keep your eye on the bottom line

SegMetrics shows you exactly how much money you are making. Then dive into how much revenue you’re earning by product, by campaign and by segment. See where your business is generating the most sales...and where you may be losing money.

Find where the lion's share of your revenue really comes from
Discover which products are really selling...and which aren't

Discover the real value of your leads

The first step to optimizing your marketing is understanding how much revenue your average lead brings in -- whether paid, search, referral or by any other marketing channel. SegMetrics unlocks this information for you.

SegMetrics also lets you sort and filter your lead value data by tags, campaign, source and referring URL so you can find and double down on your most profitable campaigns and channels.

Every metric you want, right at your fingertips

We built even more metric reporting and analysis tools right into SegMetrics so you have everything you need to understand your business.

SegMetrics also tracks:

  • New Buyers
  • Conversion Rates
  • New Lead Revenue
  • Sales
  • Buyer Value
Follow the metrics that are critical to YOUR business

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