Customer Voices

Amanda Hines

Before I found SegMetrics, I couldn’t track which ads were responsible for sales and the data from the FB ads manager was completely unreliable. This made it very difficult to scale with certainty. I wasn’t sure if SegMetrics would be able to solve my problem with tracking the attribution correctly, but after hearing a role model talk about how he loves SegMetrics, I decided to give it a try.

Segmetrics can track the customer journey and create clarity around which marketing efforts lead to revenue.

I love the customer service and desire to help as problems arise – and when I had an issue come up, the team has always been more than willing to jump in and help.

I really like how SegMetrics pulls in the data from your other marketing tools so you can see how things are connected.

I would recommend SegMetrics to others because they have good customer service and because the software allows you to see a more customized breakdown of how your leads are moving through your offers.