7 Mile Media Live Q&A

Get your SegMetrics and analytics questions ready to be solved live!

Feb 28th
Presented by

Aaron Parkinson - CEO and Andy McDuff - CMO of 7 Mile Media SEZC

Aaron Parkinson is the CEO of 7 Mile Media SEZC, a company that specializes in helping information marketing and ecommerce companies dominate their industry with digital marketing. Aaron will be presenting alongside his Chief Marketing Officer, Andy McDuff, both long-time users and absolute pros at analytics using SegMetrics. They will help answer all your questions about your marketing data and how to get the most out of your analytics to find your winners and uncover hidden profits.

Join us for this presentation, and you'll discover:

…the answers to your most burning questions about your paid ads, attribution, using SegMetrics, and more!

Do you have questions on….

  • Finding the right combination of lead source, lead magnet and nurture funnel to create a campaign with a massive ROI?
  • Weeding out the bad leads and lead sources from your paid marketing?
  • Hooking up your paid ads sources for correct attribution in SegMetrics?
  • Exactly what your analytics are telling you and what your next move should be?
  • How to optimize your spend according to performance?
  • Anything else?

Come ready to learn and put your answers into action in real time with Aaron and Andy!


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