Own Your Market

How to Quickly Scale in a Niche So You Can Overcome Your Agency's Dependency on Referral and Word of Mouth Marketing

Jun 24th
Presented by

Brent Weaver & Keith Perhac

Brent leads the vision for UGURUS and creates educational programs that help agency owners work on their business to drive additional revenues, increase profits, and create freedom in their life. He built his first website at 15, and created his first web-design business at 17. That company grew into a successful, 14-person web agency that was acquired in 2012. Brent has helped thousands of other web professionals master business skills and has made more than $10mm as an entrepreneur.

Join us for this presentation, and you'll discover:

  • The key steps you need to take to identify a target market or niche.
  • How to build an effective marketing engine.
  • The way to create a sales system to sign client after client all while building your agency as the “go-to” authority.
  • All so you can charge higher fees and stop working so hard.
  • And much more

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