Finally see why subscriber tags are worth using and how to keep them organized

Rylee Mathis
Marketer @ SegMetrics

Pretty much every email automation platform lets marketers tag subscribers… and pretty much every marketer ends up with a questionably useful mess.

It’s understandable since no one really talks about:

  1. What events are worth tagging and which are overkill
  2. How to create a consistent naming convention 
  3. Ways to use these tags to boost revenue

Even the platforms themselves only offer short articles with limited advice.

At SegMetrics we have helped hundreds of companies with their tags. We’ve tried a whole heap of ways to organize them and found many ways to make them worthwhile.

All the lessons we’ve learned have been collected in our new and improved Ultimate Tagging Guide

Subscriber tags become easy to organize once someone shows you how and there is a whole host of smart things you can do once you have your tags in order. The benefits fall into two categories:

  1. Deliver content to groups of subscribers based on their tags. For example, send an email to people who bought a particular product, or to everyone who’s ever reached a specific funnel step without buying.
  1. Build a database of customer behavior to analyze. You can start analyzing customers based on tags within Excel or SegMetrics to get insights into every funnel step, such as which onboarding method best improves retention.

While Google Analytics is great for gathering data on how visitors interacted with your website, using tags can build a database of how prospects interacted with your business. Plus associating the data with email addresses instead of cookies is far more stable, able to record someone’s behavior and revenue over years, not just a few visits.

It can even help you prove the revenue of your top of funnel activities. If you tag subscribers with the lead magnet they first downloaded you can see the associated revenue when they eventually buy from you.

Intrigued yet?

If you want to find out more about both why it’s worth getting your tags in order and a system to do so, check out our newly overhauled

Ultimate Tagging Guide

You’ll see the three tag categories and how to format them, followed by some of our favorite ways to turn these tags into increased revenue.

So to click through and have a look at all the juicy details.

Rylee Mathis

Marketer @ SegMetrics

Rylee Mathis is the Virtual Assistant to CEO of SegMetrics, Keith Perhac. She assists in the curation of DBO content and marketing as well as social media posts and partner outreach for SegMetrics.

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