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How SegMetrics Fed Dr. Axe Insights for A Healthier Product Development Roadmap

Axe Wellness ( is one of the most successful health blogs around. They offer a ton of actionable advice. They have well-tested and high-converting lead magnets that deliver their users high-impact content on fitness, natural remedies, diet and overall health. The problem is their team had no way to measure lead value… just lead volume.

So while they knew how many people were downloading each lead magnet, they couldn’t tell which leads were actually most likely to result in sales.

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How They Used SegMetrics

Axe Wellness integrated SegMetrics with their existing InfusionSoft account to determine the value of each of their lead magnets. This not only provided insight into where existing revenue came from, it also provided unprecedented insight into which categories might be ripe for new product development.

The Results

With just a few reports in SegMetrics the Dr. Axe team was able to finally evaluate which segments of their user base were most profitable. This led them to discover that lead magnets which had previously been overlooked, because they brought in few leads, were actually bringing in the most revenue. That, in turn, led to strategic changes in their new product roadmap to better take advantage of market opportunities.

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