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How does SegMetrics
Compare to Graphly?


Graph-centric dashboard system that reports on a variety of top-level metrics


Go beyond the 5-second summary with actionable data. Get started is as little as 5 minutes, and start focusing on the metrics that matter.

Get Your Top 5 Performing Lead Sources

See the number of leads who come in from your top 5 lead sources (we promise one of those is Google).

Get All of Your Lead Sources

Stop being limited by the top 5 and get access to not only the lead sources that bring you the most leads, but also the sources that give you the most valuable leads. What are 10,000 leads worth if they never buy anything?

Limited Report Filtering

Graphly limits you to a small subset of filters, focused primarily tags. Each report is also tied to a specific tag filter — Want to dive into specific sub-sets and cohorts? Maybe next time.

Advanced Filtering on Everything

SegMetrics gives you the ability to define your cohorts however you want. Filter based on the Tags people have (or don’t have), Campaign, Lead Source, Referring URL, Products and much more.

Get Your Lead Growth Over Time

Show total number of leads coming in within a date range.

Compare & Contrast Lead Value

With SegMetrics, you'll not only get the number of leads, you'll be able to compare them to other time periods, get their lead value, and much more.

Tags Applied

See how many tags get applied to contacts during a period of time.

Why would you need that? We're not sure either.

Find the Tags That Make You Money

Discover the campaign tags & touch points that raise your leads' value, and channel leads into them.

Tag-Centric Engagement Tracking

Graphly allows you to report on the tags that you report into your CRM, but is completely blind to the way that users interact with your marketing site.

Tag, Link & Organic Tracking

SegMetrics lets you track all your leads — regardless of where they came from.Track visitors that find your site through organic SEO traffic, affiliates and more. Get the real status of any lead in any campaign, even if they never click on a link.

Days Between Contact and 1st Order

Calculate the number of days it takes from a contact being created to its 1st order.

Complete Monetization Breakdown

SegMetrics gives you not only the number of days it takes your leads to become a customer, but also the value of your leads after days, weeks, months or even years — find how long it takes to turn your leads into real money.

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Report on Specific Cohorts

Configure a Custom Segment based on the Tags people have (or don’t have), Campaign, Lead Source, Referring URL and Products. Now you’ll get critical metrics -- New Leads, Revenue, Lead Value and more -- for just the people in the Segment you’ve created.

It’s never been easier to get valuable metrics for specific segments of your leads! See who clicks an email link or opt in for a specific offer – and how those actions lead to revenue.

Quickly Identify Trends to See How Your Business is Growing

The metrics that drive your business are not static. With Rolling Reports, instantly get advanced reporting on how your Facebook ads did this week, or the month-over-month growth of your evergreen marketing funnels.

Keep your pulse on the leads and campaigns that make your business money.

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