Collaboration Features For Data-Driven Teams

It’s easier to find actionable insights when you can share the data with your team. That’s why SegMetrics has best-in-class collaboration features, including team features and custom reporting dashboards. 

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Team Dashboards

Share The Important KPIs With Your Team

It’s a fact that the more visible metrics are, the more they improve. That’s why SegMetrics makes it easy for you to surface and share the essential KPIs — with people like your clients, agency, or team members — with our dashboards and other team features. 

“Not having the visibility in the business that we get in the day-to-day reports through SegMetrics would be pretty scary. If you don’t have daily visibility into your back-end data and you don’t have the right attribution, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. We doubled our business since last year.

Ian Chew — Founding Executive, Seminal

Custom Reporting Dashboards

Share Impactful Insights in a Few Quick Clicks

Dig deep into the data with our custom reporting dashboards. Then share ideal overviews with your team.

From ad campaign results to refund rates, enjoy a range of flexible reports based around your entire customer journey — both on and off your website.

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