Tracking Features

Get accurate insights on leads from any traffic source

It’s easy to monitor the leads from each traffic source, but which ones are sending you valuable customers?

SegMetrics is your single source of truth for tracking lead value. Measure exactly where they came from, plus how much they spend.

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Visitor Tracking & Identification

Find the leads that turn into customers​

Get accurate insights on leads from any traffic source. Tracking every customer from first click to lead, through the nurture sequence and onto every purchase.

Self-Hosted Pixel

Track 100% Of Your Traffic, With the Self-Hosted Pixel

Our self-hosted pixel helps your tracking data dress the part. Ad blockers are like a simple security guard, if you’re wearing the company uniform they let you pass.

With a simple addition to your website’s DNS records — and the Self-Hosted Pixel itself — SegMetrics’ tracking looks like a core part of your website, hiding in plain sight

Ad Attribution

Measure success with sales, not leads

SegMetrics doesn’t give you yet more mystery numbers. Ad reports show you the list of relevant customers and purchases so you can see who really clicked your ads.


Follow Visitors Through Every Click in Their Journey

SegMetrics is quick and easy to install. One pixel counts your leads, notes lead sources and tracks conversions.

Because SegMetrics is asynchronous, it won’t slow down your site. And because there’s nothing to set up in your CRM, you don’t need to edit any of your existing forms. Plus, SegMetrics is compatible with Lead Pages, Click Funnels, and WordPress – any platform you use to run your business.

Get Started in Less than 5 Minutes

Find your most profitable lead sources, scale what works and kill what doesn’t.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are