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Become a SegMetrics Affiliate

Eben Pagan and I (Keith, SegMetrics Founder) have worked up an amazing package for you, and I would love for you to join as a SegMetrics affiliate. Here are the details:

Become an affiliate and promote SegMetrics to your audience and get:

  • Lifetime commissions
  • 20%+ of every payment
  • Special cash bonus for 10 affiliate signups
  • 3-months free of SegMetrics Intelligence for Your Business ($1,125 value)

SegMetrics isn’t just some random analytics tool. It’s the tool that we built so that we could help Eben get consistent, reliable data from his marketing — instead of spending hours running pivot tables on million-row excel spreadsheets.

SegMetrics brings together the reports that business owners — like you and your audience — need. When you promote SegMetrics, you’re helping your audience discover prebuilt reports tailored to offer them crystal-clear insights, guiding their every marketing move, and helping them uncover the hidden profits in their business.

And even better? We’re adding in collections of bonuses for you and your audience.

SegMetrics gives you X-Ray vision to reveal what your customers are doing, how your marketing funnel is working… and how to make it work better.

Eben Pagan, Founder, Future Coach

Your Special Affiliate Package

When you become a SegMetrics affiliate, you’ll receive the following:

  • Lifetime Commissions – Instead of SegMetrics’ normal 12-month affiliate commission, you are going to get LIFETIME commissions on every sale you make.
  • 20% of every sale goes into your pocket – Instead of our standard commission rate of 15%, you get 20% of every sale. (Plus, when you reach 50 paying customer referrals, we’ll upgrade you to 30% lifetime commission.)
  • Get a Cash Bonus for 10 Affiliate Sign-Ups: Sign up ten new SegMetrics customers and get a one-time $1,000 cash bonus. (Disclaimer: They must be new SegMetrics customers and they all have to stick around for 3+ months for you to earn this bonus.)
  • Get Three Months Free of SegMetrics Intelligence for Your Business. Would you like to try out SegMetrics for your own business? You’ll receive three months complimentary on our Intelligence plan, so you can connect your marketing tools, import your data, and start to improve your own business by understanding the data. ($1,125 Value).

SegMetrics: Trusted by 3,000+ Digital Marketers

Dive Deep Into Your Data

Get three months free of SegMetrics Intelligence

With SegMetrics Intelligence, get deep insights into each segment of your audience with:

  • Advanced segmentation filters allow you to view the impact of any pat of the customer journey, to find out where different groups fall out of your funnel.
  • Multiple ad-attribution models to uncover how every click contributes to the sale
  • Full lifetime value tracking through your entire funnel

And much, much more.

Exclusive to Eben’s tribe, you’ll receive three months free of SegMetrics Intelligence when you sign up as an affiliate using the links on this page.

brandan dubbel

It’s not enough for us to just track our ads right after the first click because someone may convert 6 months later. SegMetrics has made a huge difference in our ability to track what we are actually getting from our paid ads. We can even track the impact individual salespeople are having during the sales process. 

Brendan Dubbels — Senior Partner Manager, Ontraport

Promote SegMetrics with our swipe copy, images, and emails — and 60 day cookie 🍪

We’ve put together a collection of promotional and marketing resources to help you promote SegMetrics.

  • Swipe copy, images and other assets provided, including a multi-email affiliate sequence for you to copy, customize, and send. (Look for links to these resources in FirstPromoter.)
  • 60 day cookie window, so you can refer people to one of our free resources and get credited when they convert.
  • Reporting dashboard from FirstPromoter, giving you an at-a-glance overview of performance and earnings.
  • Opportunities for cross-promotions and collaborations, including collaborating with Keith Perhac or another SegMetric team members on content for your audience. Just reach out to our marketing team and let them know you’re interested in collaborating.

“Thank you again for being awesome and all the stellar support. I’m stoked to get SegMetrics firing on all cylinders to help us optimize and scale up!”

Luke Holmstrom, Founder, Funded Profits Trading Academy

Every free trial you refer will receive four exclusive bonuses

Everyone you refer to SegMetrics who signs up for a 14-day free trial will receive four exclusive bonuses in addition to their SegMetrics subscription.

We call this collection of bonuses our ‘Ultimate Onboarding Package,’ and it includes: 

  • Bonus# 1: Kickstart Your Success – Enjoy a complimentary 30-minute consultation with a top SegMetrics marketing expert. Get personalized guidance on leveraging SegMetrics for maximum ROI. Valued at $750.
  • Bonus #2: Data Setup Call – A complimentary call with a dedicated customer success rep from SegMetrics will ensure your data is integrated correctly, setting you up for data-driven decision making. Valued at $250.
  • Bonus #3: Online Marketing Course – A complete marketing course designed and presented by SegMetrics to help you optimize your funnels and messaging. Valued at $297.
  • Bonus #4: The Ultimate Funnel Guide – Receive a free softcover copy of my (Keith’s) book, ‘The 90 Minute Guide To Building Marketing Funnels That Convert.’ Valued at $20.
Barry Hott
Barry Hott@binghott
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“I don’t care what people use, but think everyone should use something more than basic GA data.”
Michelle Araiza
Michelle Araiza@mktg_mindset
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“What a great way to spend my holiday break! 🤓 SegMetrics’ book has a ton of actionable tips to improve, automate, use data, and optimize your marketing funnel. (Pg 35 has a killer campaign template!) Perfect timing as I set new goals to make me a better marketer!”
Kasim Aslam, CEO, Solutions_8
Kasim Aslam, CEO, Solutions_8@kasimaslam
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Start measuring your performance in a third-party tool (not the ad platform, like Google)... SegMetrics has a solid reputation.
Gustavo Paniagua
Gustavo Paniagua @gstvpa
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“If you are a marketing person struggling with marketing attribution, you should try @SegMetrics. It's making my job easier.”
Neil Shap
Neil Shap
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"SegMetrics is the best tool to track your ads performance"
Liana Ling
Liana Ling@theleadgenqueen
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“Use platforms like GA4, the Ads Manager, or platforms like SegMetrics to track and measure your marketing success.”
Christian Lovrecich
Christian Lovrecich@clovrecich
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“One thing segmetrics has which caught my attention right away is that it tells you the average time it takes for someone to buy, and it tracks their every move before hand.”
Edward Haskins
Edward Haskins
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"I recommend SegMetrics. I love that you can slice and dice everything and add it to a custom report. You can also segment by Tag as well as when that Tag was applied."
Troy Buckhold
Troy Buckhold
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"Signed up a few weeks ago. Data is rolling in and it’s a game changer. Probably going to save $10k/month instantly."
Reuben Gamez
Reuben Gamez
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"SegMetrics is good"
Wynne Pirini
Wynne Pirini
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Reality is a LOT messier than these seductively simple funnel diagrams! These days, we are spoiled for choice with some very cool tools doing attribution modeling. The ones I get asked about most often are Hyros, WickedReports, and SegMetrics.
Jim Hamilton
Jim Hamilton@realjimhamilton
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Tracking on ad platforms is toast. Now you need a 3rd party solution, like SegMetrics. That’s the only way to get attribution you can trust. Especially if you’re marketing a high-ticket offer w/ a longer sales cycle.

Help your audience uncover their high-value channels and lead sources with SegMetrics

Go beyond faceless metrics and top of funnel attribution. See how customer segments from each source move through your funnel and respond to your marketing. Then scale what works and kill what doesn’t.