How to Optimize Your Whole Marketing Funnel - Not Just Your Cost Per Lead

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Since you’re on this page, you probably spend hours bashing your head against tools like Google Analytics.

For digital marketers that want to rapidly boost sales, bringing in enough leads is a constant battle.

The challenge can be viewed in one of two ways:

OPTION ONE: More is more 

It’s all about bringing in as many leads as possible to pour into your funnel. Put simply, it’s all about driving down cost per lead.

OPTION TWO: Quality over quantity 

That the focus should be on bringing in relevant leads and finding the best ways to nurture each group. That is to say, looking at the whole funnel, not just Cost Per Lead (CPL) metrics.

If you’re like most marketers, then the ad platforms have tricked you into the first mindset.

All the ad platforms care about is whether you keep throwing your money at them. Whether or not that ad spend turned into revenue isn’t their concern.

That’s smart business for Facebook and Google. But it doesn’t help YOU.

They’ll track limited “conversions” like visitors turning into a lead, but rarely tell you whether those leads eventually became customers.

To make it worse, you’re left in the dark of how your leads move through any nurture steps and blind to how each group converts.

What you need is the power to optimize your whole funnel, both to bring in the highest quality leads and fine tune each funnel step for specific customer type.

Having run a Conversion Rate Optimization agency for over a decade, I can tell you that digging into these advanced details – these OUTLIERS – is key to leveling up your business. You need tools that won’t give you tunnel vision on questionable metrics.

What were the old choices?

You could stick to out-of-the-box ad reporting. This is most common with people who fixate on cost per lead and are basing everything on Facebook and Google’s metrics.

You could spend hours exporting CSVs and wrestling with pivot tables, painstakingly uncovering each number. And then hope you didn’t have a formula error somewhere.

You could start using an attribution tool that gives you details on IF your leads became customers, but not WHY.

But now there’s a better option…

So, what do we recommend?

We recommend moving away from focusing solely on top-level tracking, and instead looking at the ENTIRE customer journey, from ad click to nurture sequence to eventual purchase.

Equipped with this unique journey tracking you can:

It’s all about empowering you to dive into each funnel step to maximize revenue at each customer group.

For example, let’s say you’re selling to two distinct groups such as hobbyists and professionals. 

Your current tools probably show you overall stats, like how 20% of leads are attending the webinar. But it’s only with SegMetrics that you will be able to dive into how each group is responding.

It would show you the breakdown for each group, such as that 35% of the Designers are attending but only 5% of the Copywriters.

With that insight you would know that a different topic or pitch is needed for copywriters, that your funnel needs fixing for a certain cohort.

SegMetrics has helped thousands of businesses dig into their funnel. They have brought in the best possible leads and boosted LTV at each funnel step.

SegMetrics is perfect for digital training businesses like ours. SegMetrics is the only reporting dashboard that features connections to SamCart, Facebook, MemberPress and ActiveCampaign (among others!). Since switching to SegMetrics, we’ve been able to rely on our dashboard in ways we just couldn’t with ‘the other guys’.
Joanna Weibe
Joanna Wiebe
Founder, Copyhackers
SegMetrics gives you X-Ray vision to reveal what your customers are doing, how your marketing funnel is working… and how to make it work better.
Eben Pagan
Founder, Eben Pagan Training
Not having the visibility in the business that we get in the day-to-day reports through SegMetrics would be pretty scary. If you don’t have daily visibility into your back-end data and you don’t have the right attribution, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. We doubled our business since last year.
Ian Chew
Ian Chew
Founding Executive, Seminal

Every one of these marketers has embraced our funnel optimization tool. Through running SegMetrics we have honed the product to increase sales through nurture campaigns.

With SegMetrics, you’ll learn how to carry out the 3-step funnel optimization process.

STEP 1, find your best leads. With full lifetime value attribution, you can scrap the sources of time-wasting leads and focus your efforts on the marketing strategies that bring in paying customers.

STEP 2, pinpoint the best product orbit. Discover which upsell works best for each customer type, so you can get present leads with the most tempting product combinations.

STEP 3,  optimize your nurture strategy. A/B test your nurture strategies, finding the approaches that work best for leads with different backgrounds or motivations to move them toward the sale.

That full-funnel approach is the difference between funnel optimization and traffic optimization.

Now, you can probably tell that I can go on for hours about this, I love to nerd out on funnel strategies that help marketers succeed. I want to see you multiply your sales without all the stress and frustrations.

Here’s what I invite you to do now…

First, grab a free 14-day  trial of SegMetrics. Then:

We want you to get instant value, to understand how you could be pinpointing any leak in your sales funnel.

As a BONUS, if you then go ahead with a trial you will get our Kickstart Series, a free pair of calls to perfect your setup and guide you into finding the most valuable insights.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new business with a first batch of sales, or have a sophisticated funnel. We’ve been able to help businesses of all sizes fix their funnel leaks.

That creates a positive loop. Each lead becomes dramatically more valuable, meaning you are able to outbid competitors for attention, bringing in even more customers.

We would love the opportunity to meet with you, diagnose what’s going on and find the best opportunities in your marketing. It also helps us as well, the more people we help, the more we learn and the better our product gets.

If all of this sounds appealing, go ahead and grab your FREE trial now.

There is no risk other than a small amount of time. This could set your funnels on the way to doubling or even tripling your sales in a short time period.

Follow the link below to start your trial and book a free training.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to a session where we can start helping you level up your marketing!

Keith Perhac
CEO of SegMetrics

Understanding your customer journey is hard to see. SegMetrics is like putting on night vision goggles for your marketing data. All of a sudden you can see the full picture of a customer journey. We use it to understand where people start in their journey with us and what content they consume before becoming a customer. It’s powerful!
Wes Bush
Founder, Product Led
I was ready to quit because I was only using Facebook tracking, and their numbers were not matching up to reality. And then I found you guys, and I was able to change everything and turn it all around. It’s changed my business — it’s changed everything, our whole family, our life. It still doesn’t seem real.
Jason Gracia
CEO, Swyft Sites
No one understands marketing and analytics like Keith and the SegMetrics team; it makes total sense that they created SegMetrics. We had answers to lifetime value questions within seconds that we’ve wanted to know from Infusionsoft for YEARS. And now we finally can.
Michael Danner
Director of Marketing Technology Axe Wellness