Sales Velocity Reports

Measure How Long Leads Take to Buy

Your nurture sequence is what makes your paid traffic even more profitable. SegMetrics allows you to quickly see how long it takes to get ROI on your leads, and how their Lifetime Value increases over time. Make smarter decisions and spend confidently on all your ad platforms.

Advanced Features for Sales Velocity Reports

Know Your ROI Timeline

See exactly how long it takes for you to get a return-on-investment (ROI) from your ad spend, allowing you to scale more confidently.

Understand Your Pipeline

Get a clear understanding of how long it takes for a lead to become a customer for each of your products and services.

Find Your Top Performers

Compare the time-to-purchase for different products and segments, so you know where to focus more of your efforts, time, and money.

Grow Your Bottom Line

Understand how Lifetime Value increases over time, so you can surgically find ways to increase average order value, repeat purchases, and more.

Advanced Features for Sales Velocity Reports

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Understand How Long It Takes For Your Leads To Become Customers

Don’t know how much you can spend on advertising to turn leads into customers? With SegMetrics you can know exactly how how long it takes for a lead to become a customer, and get to work to get to revenue and profit much faster.

“Thanks to SegMetrics, I can give my clients real-time understanding of their audience, and the major metrics that drive their growth. What used to take hours of merging spreadsheets is instantly available in my SegMetrics reports.”

 — Marcus Blankenship — Executive Coach


Know Exactly Which Products/Services/Segments Are Growing Fastest

It’s tough to fly blind. . You don’t know what products or customer segments are selling best. SegMetrics gives you laser-focus on where your biggest opportunities in your business are.

Better Together...

You’ll love how easy it is to get the data you want​

SegMetrics gives you sales velocity reports to understand your ROI timeline — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Explore our many features to help you uncover hidden profits. 

Order Reports

SegMetrics doesn’t report on anonymous checkout events. It shows you where every dollar in your bank account came from.


Know where your best leads are coming from, what funnels make them convert, and where to focus your marketing efforts.

Customer LTV

ncover where people enter your funnel and how they moved through it, with fully transparent data about every step.


Know Exactly Where To Spend Your Ad Budget

When you know your sales velocity, you’ll be empowered to know where to spend your ad budget on future marketing channels, since you’ll be able to pinpoint what kinds of leads convert best and fastest!

“No one understands marketing and analytics like Keith and the SegMetrics team; it makes total sense that they created SegMetrics.

We had answers to lifetime value questions within seconds that we’ve wanted to know from Infusionsoft for YEARS. And now we finally can.”

 — Michael Danner — Director of Marketing Technology at Axe Wellness

Business Health Checks

Quickly See How Different Segments Are Growing

SegMetrics keeps track of your sales velocity across all customer segments and products/services, allowing you to quickly “spot-check” the health of your business.

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