Customer Voices

Emily Hunkler

We had issues getting an accurate report of where our leads and conversions were coming from and where our dollars were best spent. We were concerned about the cost of Segmetrics, as it’s a more expensive solution than we’ve used in the past. However, we gave it a go because it is a robust solution that integrates with our tools and platform, and it looks like it will scale well with us as we grow.

We are a new business and just starting to get a flow of traffic and leads to our site, so we don’t have much data yet, but the assistance from the team of Brian and Scott was exceptional.

With SegMetrics, we now get a clearer view of our funnel and are empowered to make data-informed decisions for our business. I would recommend SegMetrics because of the personal onboarding assistance and the level of technical expertise the team has paired with the platform’s robustness.

Emily Hunkler, Chief Operating Officer | Quickly Hire